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Facelift Face & Neck

What Are the Different Types of Facelifts? Which is Rig...

Gender Affirmation Gender Transition Gender Reassignment

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Myths

Facelift Face & Neck

Types of Facelift Incisions and What to Expect

Lip injections Lip Augmentation

The Difference Between Lip Injections and Lip Fillers

Plastic Surgery

Fuel Your Body For Cosmetic Surgery the Right Way

Best Foods to Eat Before and After Your Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Spotlight on Dr. Beverly Fischer

If you’re considering plastic surgery, there are many questions you’ll be asking. What is the right procedure for my desired result? What is the surge...

Gender Affirmation Gender Transition Gender Reassignment

FTM Transition Can Be More Than Just a Top Surgery

Maybe you’ve had gender-affirming top surgery to masculinize your chest, or maybe you’ve decided that it isn’t a step you’re ready to take. Either way...

Lip injections

Get More Natural-Looking Lips With Restalyne Kysse

Your pout.  Your kisser.  Your luscious lips.  Whatever you call them, they definitely call attention to your face because they’re what you use to smi...

Gender Affirmation

Who Are the Best Candidates For Top Surgery?

When you’re transgender, you’re faced with many options and many decisions about how to express your gender that are unique to being transgender. One ...