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Sagging Jowls: Tips for Prevention and Treatment


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It can be frustrating to see your jawline sag. What once was a clean silhouette has started to sag as your skin loses elasticity. The good news? Sagging jowls can be treated. And by following certain steps jowls can often be prevented. There are a number of treatments that can accomplish this, both surgical and non-surgical. Let’s take a look:

Why Are They Sagging?

The space under your jaw that connects to your neck has a different collagen content than the rest of your face and is generally thinner than the skin covering most of your body (and therefore can lose elasticity sooner). Many times age indicators like drooping, loose, and crepey skin show up here first—thus, sagging jowls. And if you’ve lost weight in this area, you might contend with sagginess too, since the elasticity has been compromised. Finally, smoking contributes to sagging—in addition to causing other serious health complications.

How to Prevent and Get Rid of Jowls

  1. Try Injections: This is the usual pick for treating jowls. Injectables eliminate fat cells permanently with naturally occurring deoxycholic acid. Just a few sessions will reduce jowls and create a cleaner jawline. 
  2. Take Collagen Supplements: With ingested collagen, you can promote skin renewal and elasticity that helps to prevent or treat jowls, as well as boost collagen production throughout your body.
  3. Use Hyaluronic Acid: Naturally available in the body, this amazing acid can carry up to 1,000 times its weight in water and is an important part of building skin elasticity. As an ingredient in neck creams and face serums, it can effectively reduce jowls and keep them from forming.
  4. Try Collagen Peptides: Much in the way hyaluronic acid helps promote elasticity, the protein collagen keeps skin supple and firm, whether ingested or used topically. Peptides stimulate their natural production, giving your skin a stronger, tighter lift.
  5. Add Vitamin C: Vitamin C has been touted as a highly effective antioxidant, which battles free radical damage to protect against faster aging and also increases collagen.
  6. Use Vitamin A or Retinol Derivatives: The vitamin A derivative retinol is popular for the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles. It’s also effective for that under neck area, where it works to smooth tone and texture and minimize jowls.
  7. Do Facial Yoga: Facial exercises for jowls have been found to help strengthen the skin under the jaw. Everything from yawning and slowly closing the mouth without letting the teeth touch, to chewing with a slightly lifted chin can help reduce sagging.
  8. Try a Laser Treatment: Lasers can also promote collagen and elastin production by heating the skin.
  9. Use Fillers: Another non-invasive method is hyaluronic fillers, which can be used to sculpt the jawline and chin and eliminate the appearance of jowls. Juvėderm, VolumaTM, and Restylane are three popular options.
  10. Try a Face Lift or Liposuction: The quickest and most effective way to eliminate jowls is through surgical procedures like liposuction and facelifts. With facelifts, the neck and cheek skin is lifted and the muscles underneath are re-positioned and tightened. Liposuction can help remove any fat to restore a smoother and tighter contour. Facelifts and liposuction can be done together or separately.

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No More Jowls!

As you can see, there are a variety of non-surgical and surgical methods to treat and prevent loose jowls. You can select one or try a few of them together to smooth that neck area and restore a tighter, youthful appearance. Want to know which method might work best for you? At The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer several different types of procedures and treatments to address sagging jowls, and we’d be happy to consult with you to see which one will best deliver your desired results. Call us today for a free consultation. Your dream silhouette is within reach!

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