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Tips to Help Eliminate Different Types of Skin Damage

Tips to Help Eliminate Different Types of Skin Damage

By Beverly Fischer on December 21, 2020

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eliminate skin damageYoung women today grow up knowing a lot more than their mothers or grandmothers did about the damage we can do to our skin through exposure to the elements, along with a general failure to properly care for their skin.  As a result, many in the millennial generation and younger have already adopted comprehensive and preventative skincare regimens that include gentle cleansers, SPF moisturizers, regular use of masks, and layers of high-end serums and creams designed to treat and prevent spots, wrinkles, sagging, and more.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but what if the damage has already been done?  You can start using products after the fact, but if you’re already suffering from sun damage and signs of aging, you might feel there’s not much hope for reversal.  The good news is, there are a wide range of modern treatment options available that can help you to turn back the clock and regain a youthful glow.  Here are just a few targeted skin treatments to help eliminate different types of damage.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels have long been favored for their ability to safely remove the top layers of skin in order to treat everything from acne and acne scars, to age spots and discoloration, to fine lines.  This treatment is safe to use on areas most prone to sun damage, including the face, neck, chest, and hands, and with just one treatment, you will reveal rejuvenated skin that has fewer imperfections and a smooth, youthful tone and texture.


As we age, natural collagen production slows, resulting in wrinkles, sagging, and skin that simply isn’t as plump and elastic as when you were younger.  Microneedling is a procedure that stimulates collagen production, helping to improve skin tone and texture, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of acne scarring and stretch marks, and even shrink pores.  If you want to plump and tighten your skin for a more youthful appearance, microneedling is a great option.



Laser resurfacing treatments have gotten a lot of hype over the past several years, and not without reason.  Different types of lasers can address a wide range of skin damage and cosmetic complaints.  The Halo laser resurfacing treatment utilizes a hybrid fractional laser to treat both the surface damage you can see and the unseen damage lurking beneath the top layers of skin.

Using dual wavelengths (ablative and non-ablative), this laser can deliver incredible results with very little downtime.  When you undergo treatment, you’ll enjoy a variety of beneficial outcomes, including reduction of pore size, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, and other imperfections.


Forever Young BBL

BroadBand Light (BBL) therapy utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL) delivered in controlled bursts, creating heat that penetrates deep into your skin to stimulate cell growth and improve your body’s ability to fight and reverse the damage that leads to signs of aging.  If you experience damage like redness, broken blood vessels, age spots, and/or active acne, Forever Young BBL treatment is the perfect option to achieve the refreshed, visibly younger appearance you crave.

Choosing the Right Treatment

There is some overlap among treatments, in terms of the types of skin damage they address.  A qualified and experienced doctor can discuss the pros and cons of each treatment option with you in order to help you make an informed decision about which treatment or treatments are right for your particular needs and preferences.

If you’ve started to notice skin damage, now is the time to treat it and we can help!  Contact the qualified team at Beverly Fischer, MD and The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today at 410-308-4700 or online to learn more about treatment options and schedule a consultation.


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