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Elevate Q&A with Dr. Beverly Fischer

Elevate Q&A with Dr. Beverly Fischer

By Beverly Fischer on October 31, 2023

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Elevate FischerIt’s been busy here at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery. We have added some exciting new offerings for our patients and just had the great fortune to bring on another surgeon, Dr. Wilmina Landford, whom you’ll meet in our next blog. We’re thrilled to be able to grow our services to meet more of your needs, and especially to meet the needs of a wider spectrum of patients. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful and loyal community of patients, and we look forward to welcoming more with these expanded services.

What to Know About the Elevate

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Dr. Beverly Fischer. We talked about the Elevate Facelift, a new service offered by ACPS and so named for the natural and beautiful long-lasting lift that it gives our patients. We have perfected the deep plane facelift procedure through the Elevate Facelift. Dr. Fischer explains how it works here:

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Can you please walk us through the new facelift available at ACPS?

Dr. Beverly Fischer: “It’s a procedure that we’re calling the Elevate, and it’s a type of facelift that’s not necessarily new, but it’s a new offering at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery. It’s called a deep plane facelift, and we do a lot of the work under the muscle; studies show that it lasts longer than what we call ‘skin-only facelifts.’ The other important component to this service that is unique to ACPS is that we will be offering it under local anesthesia, where the patient is awake but comfortable. The patient will be given valium or another medication to relax them, but will remain awake. There are not too many surgeons that offer this service with only local anesthesia, so we are glad to provide that option for our patients.”

What is the recovery time like?

Dr. Beverly Fischer: “The Elevate facelift recovery is very quick. Most of the time the patients won’t get a lot of bruising—it is not that common with this technique—but occasionally a patient will bruise. If they don’t bruise, they can look very good after a week. There will still be some roundness to the face and they’ll have a little bit of swelling, but if they wanted to go out to dinner or to the grocery store, no one would look at them and say ‘oh, did they just have surgery?’ Their good friends might notice that they’re a little bit swollen, but for most it’s not noticeable, and they will look good after that first week.”

Is there a better time of year to have this technique performed?

Dr. Beverly Fischer: “Not really. Any time works well. You might not want to do it right before a family reunion or a holiday because in the unlikely chance that there’s bruising I can’t promise that it will be gone by then, but we do perform facelifts regularly throughout the year.”

Why did you start offering the Elevate Facelift?

Dr. Beverly Fischer: “I’ve been doing facelifts under local anesthesia since 2012, and that’s been very popular—so that type of offering is not really new here. But I really just started doing the deep plane facelift about three years ago mainly because I wanted to get a tighter neck and a better neck angle, and I found that with the deep plane facelift in my hands I’m able to really improve my technique. So I combined that special technique with doing the facelifts under local anesthesia which I’ve been doing since 2012, and we’ve named this approach the Elevate Facelift. It’s a combination of two successful techniques.”

If someone is interested, what are their next steps?

Dr. Beverly Fischer: “Their next step would be to call the office and come in for a consultation, and we’ll see if you’re a good candidate. The nice thing about this technique is that we can get you on the schedule fairly quickly. When we do local anesthesia facelifts we don’t need to have medical clearance or blood work unless you have some comorbidities. For instance, if you were on blood thinners recently we might have to check some blookwork, or if you have a cardiac history we might ask for clearance from your doctor. However in general we don’t need extensive medical clearance for a procedure performed under local anesthesia.”

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It’s a Better Facelift

The Elevate Facelift is a highly effective facelift with so many upsides. There is no general anesthesia required, unless the patient desires to have it (it’s an “awake facelift”), the recovery time is minimal, and the results are longer-lasting than with traditional facelifts. If you’re noticing sagging skin and wrinkles in the middle of your face, marionette lines, jowls, and even a double chin, the Elevate Facelift can help smooth your skin for a refreshed and youthful look. This technique always includes a neck lift with platysma muscle repair for optimal results.

Compared to a regular facelift, the Elevate Facelift is also more natural-looking because the surgeon can maneuver underlying tissue to achieve greater precision and does not need to pull tissues as tightly. With the Elevate Facelift, the surgeon can also move cheek pads to create a more prominent lift in the middle of the face for more contoured cheekbones.

Elevate Your Look

If you think you might benefit from this innovative technique, give us a call today to schedule a consultation, where we can talk about your objectives and formulate a plan to help you achieve them. If you’ve been putting off a facelift, don’t delay. The earlier you address any issues, the easier it is to maintain a more youthful appearance down the road. Now is the perfect time to have it done, and the Elevate Facelift is a wonderful way to help you finally put your best face forward. Don’t let the cost of a facelift stop you either. They can be surprisingly affordable, and we have payment plans to help with your budget. Talk with us today. We look forward to helping you reveal your favorite face!


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