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Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

By Beverly Fischer on May 15, 2023

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You may have had or thought about getting a chemical peel for a facial refresh, looking to smooth out small facial lines or lighten dark spots. But did you know that peels have a number of other important benefits? They can also be used beyond the face, on your neck, chest, or hands as well. Yes, they reduce fine lines and pigmentation, but they are also effective treatments for acne and pore size, sun damage, and dull skin. Not every chemical peel addresses every issue, however, so it’s important to understand the distinctions among peels when targeting specific skin challenges. Let’s explore them here.

Types of Chemical Peels

A chemical peel, known as chemexfoliation or dermapeeling, uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the skin by causing a small injury to the top layer of skin. These skin cells “peel” off to reveal the new smoother, and clearer skin underneath that layer, unveiling better-textured skin with fewer lines and a more even, brighter tone. There are 2 main types of chemical peels, and each is characterized by its strength:

Light Chemical Peel: Sometimes called a “lunchtime” peel, this peel is the gentlest and requires little to no downtime. Recovery can be anywhere between a few hours and a few days. Since the peel is so nuanced, you’ll often need several sessions to achieve your desired effect. A light chemical peel removes just the outermost layer of skin, which is helpful in eliminating or fading acne, fine wrinkles, patchy skin coloring, or sun-damaged dry skin. It also gets you that beautiful “just-peeled” glow.

Medium Chemical Peel: This peel goes a bit deeper, targeting both the outer layer as well as the upper layer of the middle skin. It’s especially beneficial for acne scars, age spots, and moderate skin discoloration. The recovery is minimal, with 2-4 days of downtime required. You’ll be thrilled with the outcome!

This Is Just the Start

The benefits of chemical peels go beyond the ones we’ve listed above. You may be surprised to learn about how many skin conditions you can help. Chemical peels:

1. Shrink Pores: It’s hard to unsee large pores, and there aren’t too many ways to make them disappear. Voila! The chemical peel, by removing the top layer of skin, can also work magic with pores, helping them appear smaller and tighter..

2. Reduce Acne Scars and Acne: Chemical peels for acne scars can go beyond topical creams and other treatments, revealing a smoother layer of skin untouched by acne blemishes. We recommend performing them in sequence to help eradicate acne scars and acne completely.

3. Enhance Skin Texture: When your skin is rough or scaly, or the tone is uneven, you notice the difference. A chemical peel will balance the texture and tone, and your skin will be stunning.

4. Lighten Discoloration and Sunspots: It can be very frustrating to see the appearance of age spots and other hyperpigmentations and discolorations, but it is easy to fade them with a peel. 

5. Fade Scars: Chemical peels are powerful agents against intractable scars, many of which fade when layers are removed.

Peels Are Powerful

Whether you want to address the wrinkles that make you look older than you are, the acne scars that make you look a little too young, or the myriad of other issues that can be helped by renewing your skin, peels are a quick and easy way to bring your fresh skin forward. At the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, we love watching how thrilled our patients are with their peels. There’s a new spring in their step as they realize their inner beauty. 

Curious about which peel might work best for you? Give us a call for a free consultation. This helps us evaluate your skin type and the issues you’d like to treat and helps us formulate the best recommendation for your objectives. We offer several types of peels, and we have regular specials, so check our website often for discounted treatments. 


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