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5 Reasons Men Consider Laser Hair Removal

5 Reasons Men Consider Laser Hair Removal

By Beverly Fischer on April 7, 2021

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Women spend an awful lot of time eliminating unwanted hair from their legs, bikini area, arms and armpits, and even their face, making laser hair removal a great option to minimize the time, effort, and expense required to maintain a smooth, hairless appearance over large areas of the body. Most often we hear talk about women wanting to remove unwanted hair, but there are plenty of men who also have unwanted hair. Follow along to learn more. 

Addressing a Hirsute Hair Suit

It’s genetics. Some men are destined to have more hair than others, and often times on more visible places than they’d like. Laser hair removal can help to significantly reduce the amount of hair in certain areas, such as the back, shoulders, chest, stomach, and groin, where men may find excessive hair problematic or unwanted. This can create a more manageable volume for men who still want some hair, or eliminate it completely for a smooth appearance and much easier grooming.

A Convenient and Lasting Solution

In some ways, laser hair removal can be much more immediately effective for men than women. This is because many women already use some form of hair removal (shaving, waxing, etc.) and they have to let the hair grow back before receiving laser hair removal treatments.

That said, all people experience phases of hair growth (anagen, or growing; catagen, or transitioning; telogen, or resting; and exogen, or shedding). Only during the anagen phase can hair be targeted by lasers, which means several sessions are typically required to address all the hair on a given area of the body.

While growth is normal during treatment, and even after, you could be fuzz-free for several years after completing a series of treatments. Hair does tend to regrow faster in certain areas, like the face, chin, and neck, but periodic touch-ups can help to maintain your preferred level of hairlessness. Regardless of the reason why you want to tone down or eliminate your hair growth, laser hair removal may help you look and feel your best with a lot less effort.

Save Time and Money with Laser Hair Removal for Men

When you start to add up how much money you spend on hair removal in the course of a year (between razors, shaving cream, and aftershave, or waxing, for example), expenses add up pretty quickly. Then, there’s the amount of time you spend on hair removal activities.

With laser hair removal for men, you’ll pay more for treatments upfront, but the lasting results you enjoy will eliminate the ongoing expense and lost time of less permanent forms of hair removal, saving you a lot in the long run.

Improve Athletic Performance

Not every man is a professional athlete, but you can still improve athletic performance with laser hair removal. Swimmers, runners, and other sports enthusiasts can benefit from a hair-free physique that minimizes drag and alleviates chafing during intensive activities.

Alleviate Issues Like Ingrown Hairs

Painful and unsightly ingrown hairs are often more common for men, who tend to have denser hair growth than women. When hairs curl and grow inward, instead of emerging from the skin, the result can be red, inflamed bumps that are uncomfortable and difficult to get rid of.

Ingrown hairs can be irritated by daily shaving, as well, making the condition much worse. If hair doesn’t grow, it can’t become ingrown, eliminating a common sore spot for many men.

Whether you want to save time and money on hair removal, you’re looking to eliminate issues like ingrown hairs, or you simply want to improve your appearance and confidence, laser hair removal offers a lasting solution that delivers incredible benefits.

Are you interested in laser hair removal for men? Contact Beverly Fischer, MD and the team at The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today at 410-308-4700 or online to request a consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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