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4 Things Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know

4 Things Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know

By Beverly Fischer on October 21, 2021

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Dr Beverly Fischer

Deciding to get plastic surgery can be an exciting step toward building the best version of yourself. However, there are a few things that plastic surgeons think you should know prior to your procedure. 

These suggestions can help you feel comfortable, confident, and informed about your decision to pursue plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Your Surgery Should Be for Yourself, Not Others

The first thing you need to be conscious of is why you are getting plastic surgery. Ask yourself, “Is this for me? Is this in my best interest?” 

It’s easy to feel like you should get plastic surgery to appease others- maybe you want to improve your figure to make your spouse happy. Maybe you want to erase signs of aging in your skin because family members have made remarks about it. If that’s the case, you should not get plastic surgery.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery should be for you and help you to feel like your idea of the best version of yourself. Too many patients have sought cosmetic procedures to win the approval of others, leaving themselves feeling empty afterward. 

This is why your plastic surgery journey should be part of a course to better oneself — not for the satisfaction of anyone else.

It Isn’t Easy to Fix Bad Plastic Surgery

A lot of people who seek plastic surgery do so because they’ve already had one and it went awry. While fixing a botched cosmetic procedure is possible, it’s not always easy. 

If you had a prior procedure and the outcome was very poor or the surgeon made critical mistakes, correction may only go so far. That’s why it’s so important to do your research upfront and obtain your treatment from a highly-skilled, qualified provider.

Having Realistic Expectations Is Important

When getting plastic surgery, it is important to keep your expectations realistic. Many patients are under the impression that plastic surgery is going to provide results that make you feel and look like models in magazines or on social media. This is simply not reality. 

Before you seek out a cosmetic procedure of any kind, you must understand that the images you see in the media and magazines are often digitally manipulated. It is often impossible to replicate that image through plastic surgery. 

Everyone’s body is unique and normal. At ACPS we work with you to achieve your desired image, while also providing our professional opinion to give you a realistic idea of the results that you can achieve.

Not All Plastic Surgeons Are the Same

When you’re thinking about plastic surgery, it’s crucial to do your research.

Not all plastic surgeons are created equal. If you want the best results, you need to seek out a board-certified surgeon. Choosing a non-certified provider can lead to severe consequences, like a higher risk of infection, bleeding, or death.

Pick a surgeon who is up-to-date on various methods, techniques, and advancements in the industry, but also one who has proven experience and certification in the field. This will help you get the best and safest outcome for your procedure.

Plastic Surgery with Dr. Beverly Fischer

If you’ve found yourself asking, “Should I get plastic surgery?” schedule a consultation with Dr. Beverly Fischer at The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery in Baltimore. 

Dr. Fischer is a renowned cosmetic surgeon who specializes in a variety of procedures, including facelifts, breast enhancements, liposuction, and more. Call today to find out more!



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Dr. Beverly A. Fischer is passionate about her role as a leading female plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. She believes that plastic surgery makes a positive, life-changing difference, whether you’re renewing your body, face, and skin or embarking on an entire gender transition.

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