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How to Transition Your Seasonal Skincare Routine

How to Transition Your Seasonal Skincare Routine

By Beverly Fischer on November 8, 2017

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As summer has faded away and fall has settled in, a lot of people seem to be facing the same collective issue: how do you prep your skin for the cold months to come?

The first step is to make room in your medicine cabinet for rich creams. Swap your lightweight moisturizers for heavier ones, and replace your BB creams for oil-based foundations. This small change is vital because during fall, the pH balance in your skin suffers. You produce more oil in the summer than in the colder months. If you stick to the same beauty routine all year round, your skin might become dry and irritated.

Here at Beverly Fischer, MD, we know that the little things can make a world of difference in how you prep your skin for the changing of the seasons. We’ll show you the most important steps you can make to improve your fall skin care routine and easily transition into the cold season.

Swap to Gentler Cleansers

One of the best things you could do to keep your skin happy and healthy is to cleanse it properly according to seasons. Here’s the thing: during the summer you will need a deeper cleanser to get rid of those clogged pores and excess oil. However, the cold months beg for more delicate routines. Swap your regular cleanser for something more forgiving. Oil-based cleansers, for example, can help protect your skin against low temperatures.

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Exfoliation Is Key

One of the biggest skincare misconception is that exfoliation exacerbates dryness. In reality, shedding agents not only get rid of dry, flaky skin but also help stimulate natural oil production. Add a face and body scrub to your fall skin care routine once or twice a week to treat damaged areas like the cheeks, elbows, and knees. Don’t forget to complete your ritual with a heavy moisturizer.

Hydration above All

During summer months, lightweight moisturizers are the norm. However, once we step into fall, a heavier, oilier one is necessary to keep your skin’s pH balance in check. But don’t forget about UVA/UVB protection! Look for products that are rich in lipids such as vitamin A, B, and jojoba. A combination of heavy day creams and even heavier night creams is ideal.

An excellent idea would be to opt for a complete dermal repair deep moisturizer that also combats fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness like SENTÉ. This dermal repair cream has been proven to offer your skin the hydration it needs and improve the appearance of fine lines. You will see noticeable results in just three days. Your skin will get soft, glowing and supple. You can also find this wonder cream at Beverly Fischer along with more instructions for best use.

Don’t Forget about Hands, Lips, and Feet

Hydration is important, but don’t forget to take care of your hands, lips, and feet as well if you want to keep your skin happy and glowing. Try to apply a generous amount of cream on your hands and feet every day at least before going to bed. And, always keep a lip balm in your purse.




You can even supplement your fall skin care routine with homemade remedies like honey, yogurt, or coconut oil concoctions and apply them whenever you feel the need to pamper yourself.

In the meantime, do not forget to treat your body inside-out. Hydration also comes from within, so you need to make sure to drink plenty of water and keep a healthy diet. Use these simple fall skin care tips to guide you, and you will be ready in no time to transition gracefully into the cold months.

At Beverly Fischer, we have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to pamper your skin and provide it with the care it deserves. Get in touch with us if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year round.

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