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Reduce Excessive Sweating with PrecisionTX

Reduce Excessive Sweating with PrecisionTX

By Beverly Fischer on July 18, 2022

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Being hot and sweaty during the summer is part of the deal. We all struggle to stay cool and dry when the temps rise and the humidity kicks in. While it’s not always comfortable, sweating is not out of the norm then. However, many of us sweat no matter what the season, even when the weather is not hot or muggy. It’s a condition called severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (or plain old hyperhidrosis) that affects about 4 million people in the United States, and it’s due to overactive sweat cells. 

This can cause some real hassles: choosing clothes based on fabrics that don’t show sweat as easily, changing clothes frequently, adding materials in the underarm area to mitigate the sweating, buying prescription strength antiperspirants, and even seeking medical help.

Along with these physical challenges of discomfort, most people suffering from excessive sweating battle painful self-consciousness. They constantly worry that they are staining their shirts and emitting body odor. While the condition can also be extremely embarrassing and frustrating, the good news is that it can also be eradicated—with just one session of the best treatment for excessive sweating, PrecisionTXTM, you can lose the nuisance of too much sweat and stay cool and calm. Here’s how it works.

PrecisionTX for Excessive Sweating

With hyperhidrosis, the sweat cells don’t react properly to heat; therefore the sweat glands try to address this by exceeding your body’s “normal” requirements for cooling. This results in more sweating than you’d like. PrecisionTX Laser treatment features an innovative toxin-free process, using a powerful laser to target and eradicate sweat glands in the underarm area through a method called axillary gland ablation. This is very different from other more invasive and complicated approaches.

How Does PrecisionTX Work?

In about one hour, Dr. Beverly Fischer can permanently heal hyperhidrosis. Using a small cannula (pen-tip sized tube), that is gently inserted under the skin, Dr. Fischer directs the proprietary SideLazeTM laser above the cannula under the surface of the skin to damage sweat glands. There is no anesthesia needed, as topical numbing agents make the patient comfortable. Recovery is easy too. But the best part about PrecisionTX Laser treatment is that it is permanent. Your sweating will be extremely reduced for life and you will never have to come back for another treatment.

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What is the Recovery Process for PrecisionTX Like?

There is not much of a recovery process for this treatment, since it is such a mild process. Patients may experience some swelling and soreness; this generally subsides about a week after the treatment. The results are almost instant, and will be evident in as soon as a week. You can return to your normally scheduled life in as little as a few days. Moving forward, you can use over-the-counter antiperspirant to manage any sweating.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

This specialized and precise treatment for excessive sweating often requires just one procedure. Once the sweat glands  have been eliminated, you should not have any hyperhidrosis issues again. Since there is no anesthesia, you can be awake for the process, and Dr. Fischer and her staff will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout. With just one one-hour procedure you can say goodbye to pit stains, sticky armpits, and uncomfortable moisture forever.

Dr. Fischer and her team at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery have helped hundreds of patients overcome issues like hyperhidrosis. We’ve worked with the PrecisionTX technology since it was first introduced, and we are experts in using it to eliminate excessive sweating. This simple one-time procedure can have a significant effect on your overall quality of life. In as little as a week, any issues from excessive sweating can be a distant memory. To learn more about what it entails, reach out to us today. You won’t ever have to sweat the small stuff again—or the big!


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