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How to Pick the Best Bra for Your Breast Implants

How to Pick the Best Bra for Your Breast Implants

By Beverly Fischer on May 4, 2017

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Best bras for breast implants

Patients undergoing breast implants can sometimes find it tricky to get a bra that’s a good fit for their new look. Many patients would like bras that fit naturally and make it hard for people to tell that they have undergone surgery. Getting the right bra depends on one’s body type and new breast size.

The following are factors to consider when looking for the right bra to fit your new implants, as well as types of bras that you can try.

Factors to consider when selecting a bra

Band size

The band size of your breasts can determine what size of bra you would need to look for. You can calculate your band size in the same way as others who haven’t had breast enhancement would do it; by measuring your under-burst (in inches); and if it is an even number, add 4. If it is an odd number, add 5. This gets you to your band size for which you can find a complementing bra.

Cup size

Your cup size will change after your new breast implants are put in place. It is important to re-measure your cup size after the surgery. You can do this by using a tape measure and starting from your breast near the cleavage, across the width until where the breast ends near the armpit. With your newly measured cup size, you can begin your search for well-fitting bras.


Wearing bras that don’t fit or are otherwise too big could result into awkwardly shaped breasts. Choosing the right kind of bra will see to it that you get the perfect shape with your new breast. You will also get the perfect cleavage if you ensure you keenly look into this factor.

Finding the correct brand

Be ready to shop around and take the time to try different brands and designs. Once you find a good fit from a particular brand, you can further explore that brand to discover new designs and better-fitting bra sizes.


Types of bras for Breast Implants

There are several types of bras that are designed specifically for persons with breast implants and the unique sizing issues that they face. Some of these bra types include the following:

Lycra Bras

Lycra bras are made of stretchy material like spandex, which provides comfort to the breast area and doesn’t crunch up the nipples. They can expand accordingly to fit your breasts while keeping your body shape and providing comfort. In other words, Lycra bras conform nicely to your breasts without compromising on shape, comfort or design.

Le Mystere no. 9

This is a brand of bras that are specially designed for women with breast implants. Designed in consultation with a plastic surgeon, they are available at most retail stores and are designed to complement shape and size of implants.

T-shirt and contour bras

Breast implants can sometimes cause your nipples to become permanently erect. This may make you feel uncomfortable due to the risk of having them exposed. T-shirt and contour bras provide light padding which conceals the pointed nipples while providing comfort to the breast area.

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Plunge bras are also a good option for implants because they have a shorter underwire and therefore fit more easily. The good fit also enhances the firmness and fullness of your breasts.

In conclusion, finding the right size bra for breast implants involves two main steps; correctly measuring your breast size and shopping around to find the right brand and styles that suit you best. By following the tips provided above, you will hopefully be on your way towards finding the right bra size for your implants.


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