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Achieve Dramatic Results with a Body Lift

Achieve Dramatic Results with a Body Lift

By Beverly Fischer on April 13, 2017

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Achieve Dramatic Results with a Body Lift

If you’ve lost a large amount of body weight or have carried several pregnancies, you may be left with loose, sagging skin and cellulite on your thighs, torso, and buttocks. These problems may not respond to diet and exercise, which can be frustrating and discouraging.

It can feel as if your skin is a suit of clothes that is many sizes too large. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery exists that can trim away the excess and make your skin fit again. A body lift may be just the solution to tighten loose skin and improve your body contours.

A Personalized Procedure

While a body lift usually addresses the torso, thighs and backside, there is no cookie-cutter surgery. Your procedure will be tailored to your individual needs.


For example, you may be happy with your buttocks and instead want the skin around your knees tightened. Be aware, however, that there is a limit to how much surgery can be accomplished at once.

A body lift generally focuses on the lower body. If you want breast augmentation or other procedures that focus on the upper body, you may need separate procedures to allow for the best healing possible. Discuss all your concerns with our medical team to explore what procedures can be done at once.

The Surgical Technique

There are several different approaches to body lifts, and our medical team will discuss his or her plan with you ahead of your surgery. With that said, the general process has some similarities for all patients. 

If you need liposuction, that will be done first by passing a flexible tube called a cannula under the skin. The tube breaks up stubborn fat deposits and extracts them.

Incisions are made where the scars will pass unnoticed.  Once you’re bandaged up, it’s off to the recovery room to wake up from the anesthetic and get your bearings.

Is a Body Lift Right for You?

As long as you are generally healthy and are already close to your goal weight, a body lift will likely be well-tolerated. Of course, we will ask detailed questions about your medical history to make sure surgery is safe for you. 

If you have diabetes, a clotting disorder, breathing problems or any skin conditions, you may need a checkup with your primary care physician to ensure you’re clear for surgery.

A body lift can make a big impact on cellulite, fat deposits and saggy, hanging skin on the tummy, thighs, and backside. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of receiving this procedure, contact Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule a no-pressure consultation.

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Dr. Beverly A. Fischer is passionate about her role as a leading female plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. She believes that plastic surgery makes a positive, life-changing difference, whether you’re renewing your body, face, and skin or embarking on an entire gender transition.

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