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Laser Hair Removal: Yes, It’s Totally Worth It

Laser Hair Removal: Yes, It’s Totally Worth It

By Beverly Fischer on August 5, 2020

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shutterstock_519909346(1)As with so many cosmetic treatments, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about laser hair removal, and they may be holding you back from considering this attractive, long-lasting option. However, if you’re just tired of the inconvenient shaving, tweezing, threading, or painful waxing, it’s time you looked into the many benefits inherent to this permanent form of hair removal. Are you ready to go under the laser for fuzz-free convenience? Here’s what you need to know.

What can you expect when you choose laser hair removal? 

The scuttlebutt is that you’ll suffer a lot of pain and it may not work, but neither of these common characterizations is accurate! We want to make sure you’re getting accurate information, so you can go in with appropriate expectations and see incredible results.

Laser hair removal involves the use of an advanced laser that transforms light into heat energy in order to damage the hair follicle and stop regrowth. Many people compare the zapping of a hair follicle to a rubber band being lightly snapped on the skin. In other words, you may experience a mild and temporary feeling of discomfort during the process.

Each treatment takes about 20-30 minutes, and you’ll need several to complete the process for lasting results. This is because the hair on your body is at different stages of growth, so staggered appointments ensure that you zap every last follicle for total fuzz elimination. As a result, it may take several weeks to see final results, so if you want to be smooth in time for summer, it’s best to start a few weeks or months in advance.

Before you schedule your first appointment, you’ll want to set up a consultation to make sure you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal. It’s a common myth that darker skin tones aren’t suitable for this treatment, but that’s not true. It has more to do with how dark your hair is. Since lasers target the pigment in the hair, lighter hair color in relation to your skin tone is the real determining factor in most cases.

During your consultation, you’ll be advised on how best to prepare for your treatments, including steering clear of sun exposure (as tanning can affect results), choosing the right skincare routine, and trimming down hairs so that visible growth doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the laser when targeting follicles.

How Long Does this Treatment Last?

Laser hair removal is permanent, which means when the process is complete, your hair should not regrow. That said, there are cases in which a few follicles may be missed, or when hormonal fluctuations cause minor regrowth. Generally speaking, patients report about a 90% success rate from initial treatments, and you can always schedule touch-ups as needed.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

It could take anywhere from a handful of treatments to a dozen for total laser hair removal, but this will vary from one patient to the next, as well as different areas of hair growth. Coarse, dark hair is the easiest for the laser to target and remove, so most patients need fewer treatments for lower legs or the bikini area than they do for, say, finer fuzz on the arms or face.

Areas of the Body You Can Treat

Laser hair removal is safe enough to use on any area of the body, including your bikini line, face, and of course, arms and legs. Anywhere you want to be fuzz-free can be treated with safe, sophisticated laser technology, although it will be more effective on certain types of hair.

If you’re ready for a more convenient and lasting means of hair removal, contact the talented team at Beverly Fischer, MD and The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today at 410-308-4700 or online to schedule a consultation to learn more about laser hair removal.

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