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Reverse Skin Damage & Aging with Forever Young BBL

Reverse Skin Damage & Aging with Forever Young BBL

By Beverly Fischer on July 7, 2022

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Forever Young BBLTM before and after photos are one of the more dramatic transformations you’ll see. If you haven’t heard about this procedure for treating skin damage, you’re in for a treat. Everyone (and we mean everyone) has had some kind of aging or sun damage over the course of their lives, whether it’s on their face, arms, decolletage, legs, or elsewhere. Many of us weren’t aware of the importance of sunscreen and other skincare protections until we were way past the age of baking in the sun, often with baby oil (eek!). And now that we understand the power of sunscreen, we still sometimes miss a spot—or misjudge a cloudy day’s ability to burn our skin. Forever Young BBL can help reverse those changes and actually make your skin healthier.

What is Forever Young BBL?

This  proprietary light treatment is not a “bbl laser treatment.” Rather, the BBL stands for broad band light, which is also called intense pulse light therapy or photo facial. It uses “broad band” photothermal energy to gently heat just the upper layers of your skin, stimulating your cells’ natural ability to produce collagen and healing and rejuvenating skin for a more youthful appearance. It’s approved by the FDA, and clinically evaluated studies show tremendous benefits: they report that skin treated with Forever Young BBL looked and acted 10+ years younger, after consistent and regular treatments. It actually reversed the effects.

While it can be used anywhere on the body, typically this treatment is used for the areas which receive the most sun exposure and therefore the most damage, including the face, neck, chest, and hands. Leveraging an adjustable filter, this innovative treatment uses specific light wavelengths to treat specific issues and skin types. 

Heat that penetrates the skin causes the blood vessels near the surface to close, creating firmer, smoother, unblemished, skin. It reduces redness, and any pigment particles slough off within several days. BBL facial treatments (and those for all areas) produce beautiful, younger looking skin that lasts for years. In fact, with regular treatments, the increased collagen production helps maintain this youthful appearance.

What Types of Skin Problems Does It Treat?

Forever Young BBL’s technology is considered the gold standard in treating a number of skin issues. The procedure reverses sun damage, brown spots, freckles, and other challenges caused by sun exposure. It also helps fix prevalent aging-related skin issues, including age spots and small visible blood vessels (vascular lesions). Beyond these capabilities, it has a number of applications, including eradicating unwanted hair, mitigating redness, rosacea, and uneven skin texture, and helping to eliminate active acne.

Who is a Good Candidate?

If you have signs of sun damage or aging on your face, chest, legs, abdomen, arms, or buttocks, Forever Young BBL can help you address them. We also recommend this treatment if you have multiple blemishes that cover different parts of their body, since it’s more flexible, faster, and usually less expensive than other treatments.

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How Often Can You Receive a BBL Treatment?

You’ll be happy to know that the effects of Forever Young BBL are long lasting. After the initial treatment, we often use regular treatments to keep building collagen and reinforcing the skin’s natural healing. Instead of simply addressing issues, BBL helps prevent them, which is a more cost-effective and just plain effective long-term approach. For best results, we recommend two to five treatments every 6 weeks, with an extended quarterly interval between treatments after the correction is completed to optimize the treatment. These regular treatments actually enhance the skin’s ability to look and be younger. 

A regular routine of 6 month intervals can reverse signs of aging and help retain your youthful appearance. In fact, a study done at the Stanford University School of Medicine looked at BBL’s long-term effects on forearm skin, and their results were eye-opening. Subjects with one to four annual BBL treatments for eight years had noticeable differences. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons reported that these subjects’ skin appeared younger. Skin samples of genes proved that it also behaved years or decades younger. This was huge—and it’s a smart reason to maintain regular treatments.

Forever Young BBL is an exciting treatment that is safe for almost all skin types and delivers excellent results. With treatments of only 15-20 minutes, it’s quick too. The changes are almost immediate and they are long lasting. Plus, you’re helping to maintain the youthfulness of your skin for years to come. In fact, it’s one of the closest things we have to a fountain of youth. Dr. Fischer and her staff at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery would be happy to talk with you about what this treatment can do for your skin. We all have sun damage and the effects of our trips around the sun. But with this treatment, we don’t need to anymore!



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