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Treat Yo Self: Hello ‘Parent Pick-Me-Up’

Treat Yo Self: Hello ‘Parent Pick-Me-Up’

By Beverly Fischer on March 6, 2020

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Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Moms, in particular, struggle with the changes their bodies undergo when bringing new life into the world. Of course, you love your adorable family, you probably wouldn’t mind reversing the damage pregnancy and childbirth can do to your body.

Parenting overall, whether you’re a mom or dad, take a toll on your mind and body. You want to be the best parent you can be, but you also deserve to feel sexy again! A parent pick-me-up offers you the opportunity to regain your sense of self even as you enjoy the rewarding experience of parenthood. What can you expect in the process?

Choosing Mommy Makeover Procedures

Becoming a mother can result in some pretty significant changes in your body. Skin laxity, a tummy pooch, and sagging breasts are among the most common complaints following pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, and all can be treated with cosmetic procedures.

When you’re finished growing your family, it’s only natural to want to rejuvenate your body. Choosing the right cosmetic procedures for your mommy makeover begins with discussing goals with your plastic surgeon.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts may sag and deflate. A lift and/or breast augmentation can help to get the girls back where they belong and boost your confidence in the process. You may also want to address loose skin or excess belly fat, and procedures like liposuction and a tummy tuck can help here.

You might also be interested in the prospect of vaginal rejuvenation following childbirth. The right procedure can not only improve the appearance of your vaginal area after the stresses of childbirth, but also help to tighten your intimate areas, increase sensation, and lead to improved romantic encounters.

Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Whichever procedure(s) you choose, a mommy makeover can help you to look and feel your best, and this can change your entire outlook on life. Being a great mom starts with being the best version of yourself, and the physical transformation of a mommy makeover is just the tip of the iceberg.

A mommy makeover allows you to pamper yourself, rejuvenate your body, improve intimacy, and boost your self-esteem. All of this makes you a healthier, happier, more complete individual, which only serves to make you a better mom.

We Know You’ve Heard the Phrase ‘Dad Bod’

Just like moms, dad’s bodies age in a similar but different fashion. You lose muscle tone and start to sag, especially if your hectic lives make it tricky to eat right and keep up with a regular exercise. Even with a lot of effort to stay healthy and fit, you’ll start to see sagging in time.

The term “dad bod” refers to a physique common to middle-aged men, characterized by a relatively average body shape punctuated by a small beer gut. There are different definitions of the dad bod, but it generally pertains to a guy who’s not entirely out of shape but also isn’t afraid to have another drink or eat the pizza leftover on your kid’s plate.

The issue can be complicated for a father, whether he’s dealing with the sleep deprivation of a newborn, or the hustle and bustle of kids who need rides to after-school sports and help with their homework. The defining factor seems to be a lifestyle that includes a lack of sleep and difficulty sticking to a workout schedule and healthy meal choices.

Both parents can benefit from a parent pick-me-up. Moms aren’t the only ones whose lives are impacted by the introduction of children. 

If you’re interested in parent pick-me-up procedures designed to help you feel more attractive and confident, contact Dr. Beverly Fischer and the qualified team at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today at 410-308-4700 or online to schedule a consultation and learn more


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