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The Best Swimsuit Tops for Breast Implants

The Best Swimsuit Tops for Breast Implants

By Beverly Fischer on July 20, 2018

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It’s that time of the year where you tend to spend more time outside in the lovely sunshine. Whether that means backyard BBQs, bonfires, hot dogs, or of course, swimming. Whether you’re heading to dip your toes in a pool or you’re headed to let the waves of the beach tickle your toes, you want your swimsuit to not only look cute, but also give you the support you need, especially if you have implants or a breast lift. 

For most women, choosing a swimsuit to wear in public can be nerve-wracking. Studies show that just trying on a swimsuit makes most women anxious. And if you’ve recently had a breast augmentation, it can be doubly stressful to pick out the right swimsuit for your new breast implants. You’re a different shape and size since the last time you chose a swimsuit and are now ready to find a suit that makes you feel most confident about your new figure!

So, what’s the easiest way to pick a swimsuit that’s going to flatter your new figure? We’re going to break down the different swimsuit cuts and which one will make you feel the most confident poolside and at the beach this summer.

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When looking for a new swimsuit, you can narrow down the cut you’ll need by looking at your favorite bras. Which one do you like the most, and why? Swimsuit tops have a lot in common with bras in that they lift and define the bust. Knowing which type of bra you like the most can help you narrow down which swimsuit top to choose. Next, we’ll explain the different swimsuit top cuts and why they may or may not work for your new figure.

Underwire Tops

Swimsuit tops with underwire can be an excellent choice if your breast augmentation is completely healed. The underwire gives needed support and will enhance your new shape. But keep in mind that underwire isn’t a great choice if you are still in the healing stages. If you’ve just completed breast augmentation surgery, you’ll want to skip the underwire until next summer, as it can put too much pressure under and around your incisions. Too much pressure against the tissues while they heal can lead to scarring and unevenness. Be sure to get the green-light from your surgeon before wearing a swimsuit with underwire.


Tankinis are extremely versatile and also are one known as one of the most comfortable swimsuit tops. Which makes sense because they are designed like a sports bra, so they give you adequate coverage and support. Tankinis also tend to have wider straps, so weight is evenly distributed. If you have large implants or are incredibly active, consider a tankini swimsuit. The wide array of colors, patterns, and neckline cuts that will be sure to flatter any figure and skin tone.

Halter Tops

Halter tops give the most support of any swimsuit style and are an excellent choice for women with larger breasts or breast implants who want coverage that will stay put. If you decide to go with a halter top, make sure to choose one that fastens with clips and doesn’t tie in the back. The thicker the straps of the halter, the more support it will give you.

You’re feeling confident in your new body and the clothing you choose to wear, especially your swimwear, should make you feel just as confident! While you’re feeling confident in your clothes with your new bust line, your swimsuit should be no different.  Make stress, anxiety, and self-consciousness a thing of the past this swimsuit season by knowing exactly what type of swimsuit top is going to flatter your figure before you buy.

If you want to feel confident on the beach and off but are still on the fence about breast augmentation check out the full guide on Breast Augmentation. 


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