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Boost Your Backside: What to Expect with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Boost Your Backside: What to Expect with a Brazilian Butt Lift

By Beverly Fischer on February 5, 2019

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Whether flat butts run in the family (ugh! genetics) or you’ve just always wanted a shapelier butt, a Brazilian butt lift may be your answer to a more confident, curvier backside! So, what is a Brazilian butt lift procedure, and what does it entail? Here’s what you can expect:

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that enhances the butt shape and size by using specialized fat transfer techniques. Extra fat found from other parts of your body, like the thighs, stomach or hips for example, is carefully grafted, prepared and injected into your buttock area to build and contour your preferred shape.

This type of lift is the most popular option for butt lifts because the results are the most natural looking and feeling. Plus, it has the added bonuses of being lower risk for complications and not having to use traditional implants to achieve the look you want. When deciding if you are a candidate, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will only work for those that have enough fat to harvest. So if you are lean, butt implants may be the only option to achieve your desired look.

What to Expect?

First you will consult with your plastic surgeon and discuss the area(s) where you can harvest fat for the transfer, as well as describe the new butt shape you would like to achieve. This is your time to ask any and all questions, so be honest. And remember that no question is a bad question. In your consultation, you should also ask the doctor qualifying questions such as how many Brazilian butt lifts they’ve performed and if they have any patient testimonials to review their experience.

Next, your surgeon may want you to get blood work and other examinations from your primary care physician (PCP) or local medical clinic to make sure you are cleared for the procedure. This may also include stopping certain medications until after the procedure is completed and you have recovered.

Once the procedure is complete, you will wear a support garment and avoid sitting for a few weeks. If you need to sit, you will have to use something to support your new butt, like a “donut” cushion or pillow. At night, its best if you sleep either face down or on your side to avoid putting pressure on your backside. You should be able to resume light activity within 1 week and return to work within 2 weeks. Always follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions.

Beautiful, Long-lasting Results

Most Brazilian butt lift results are immediately visible, but full results are typically shown within 6 months after swelling reduces. Results will vary from person to person because the grafted fat needs time to “take” to the buttock area. All in all, Brazilian butt lift results last for many years. Just be cognizant that significant weight fluctuations can affect your results.

Of course, this is just a quick overview of what to expect with a Brazilian Butt Lift and a more thorough discussion will take place when you come in for your consultation with Dr. Fischer. Read more about the Brazilian Butt Lift here. Start the new year off right with the confidence (buttocks) boost you deserve!

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