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BioTE: Natural Hormone Therapy After Gender Affirming Surgery

BioTE: Natural Hormone Therapy After Gender Affirming Surgery

By Beverly Fischer on October 22, 2018

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Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that is often introduced at the beginning of a gender affirming journey. But it’s also a treatment that helps maintain physical changes in the body, making it part of a necessary and healthy commitment for life.

For most considering or undergoing gender affirmation procedures, hormone replacement therapy is a small sacrifice to make when continuing your gender transformation journey, but it can come with its own set of unwanted side effects: frequent needles, creams and monotonous, inconvenient regimens.

BioTE bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pelleting solves a lot of the inconveniences associated with implementing a hormone therapy routine. It’s a “set it and forget it” method. Instead of daily injections or cream applications, you can undergo a simple pellet injection in as little as twice a year. No more daily shots, no more creams, no more daily management of your levels. Sounds good, right?

Here’s what you need to know about BioTE Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy:

What is BioTE pellet hormone therapy?

BioTE is bio-identical and all-natural. Qualitative evidence suggests bio-identical and all-natural hormones have fewer side effects and are a generally more effective than synthetic hormones.

Furthermore, BioTE pelleting involves a small pellet inserted under your skin. It is administered in a simple procedure and releases your hormone dosage in consistent and steady levels throughout the treatment course. BioTE pelleting significantly reduces hormone level fluctuations. With constant and measured hormone release, BioTE all but eliminates variations in your hormone levels, allowing for a steadier experience as well as greater emotional and physical well-being.

Pelleting positively changes your routine

From daily to about every four months, depending on your specific hormonal needs, BioTE pellets can be administered as little as twice a year during a simple outpatient treatment at your certified BioTE Medical Provider. BioTE pelleting can vary based on blood work. Your experience will be unique to your needs, tolerance and adjustment.

Pelleting eliminates unwanted side effects

Shots and creams can also be inconsistent in effect and impact, depending on any number of factors. Swings, imbalances and other undesirable side effects can result from just the daily fluctuations in dosage and hormonal levels. They can also result from the type, make and quality of the hormone’s you are using to achieve your balance.

Everything from your hair patterns, energy levels and general temperament, with BioTE pelleting you will experience gradual, more natural changes, compared to traditional hormone supplemental therapies.

Pelleting for continued gender transitions

Over the last decade, the transgender community has seen a significant uptick in therapies and procedures that claim to support individuals with gender dysphoria, especially those that choose to undergo gender transitions or transformations. Deciphering these claims can be daunting, but every once in a while, amidst this onslaught of innovation comes something that truly helps make the process of gender transitions and realizing your natural self much more…natural. BioTE pelleting is one of these innovations. It truly is a better alternative to traditional hormone therapies and has the potential to be life changing.

If BioTE sounds like a supplement you want to explore during your gender affirmation journey, contact the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today. We are a certified BioTE Medical Provider and Dr. Beverly Fischer is a renowned plastic or cosmetic surgeon that specializes in gender affirmation or re-assignment procedures, such as top surgery. Let us help you through this journey.

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