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Are Neck Wrinkles Telling Your Age?

Are Neck Wrinkles Telling Your Age?

By Beverly Fischer on March 22, 2022

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Everyone ages differently. For some, as soon as you hit forty, you start seeing neck wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and “crow’s feet.” Some people actually begin seeing these wrinkles in their 30s. On the other hand, there are people who are almost ageless – people who grow into their late 50s with very few (if any) wrinkles. It all has to do with genetics and lifestyle.

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A lot of people take initiative to work on their faces, getting facelifts and investing in creams to help with fine lines. Unfortunately though, even those who are excellent at caring for their faces sometimes forget one critical area – the neck.

The worst thing about this is that the neck is usually one of the very first parts of the body to show signs of aging. Way before eye lines become pronounced and forehead wrinkles appear, the neck will begin showing signs of wrinkling and sagging.

Reasons for Neck Wrinkles and Sagging

  • The Neck Is Overexposed to the Elements

Most of the clothes we wear never go past the collarbone. This leaves the neck and face exposed to weather elements such as burning suns and freezing winters. But we always apply sunscreen on the face, right? We also regularly cleanse the face to prevent wrinkles. But how often do we remember that the neck is also exposed? How often do we apply sunscreen to the neck?

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  • Neck Skin Is Really Thin

The skin around the neck is also very thin compared to other areas of the body. This means that once age sets in, the appearance of the neck can deteriorate pretty quickly. Neck wrinkles will form without notice, and before you know it, the neck skin will be sagging.

  • Certain Sleeping Positions Can Cause Neck Wrinkles

As if that’s not enough, studies show that your sleeping positions can cause wrinkles to form on your neck. For instance, it is now common knowledge that people who use more than one pillow when sleeping can witness creasing on one side of the neck. Persistent creasing can result in wrinkling. Other factors, such as gravity, can also contribute to neck aging. As gravity pulls down the already delicate neck skin, you may develop what is called a turkey wattle.

How to Get a Firm Neck

If you already have a few wrinkles and can feel your skin sagging, grab a skincare and skin rejuvenation cream, like the Obagi products available at ACPS! And remember to consider the information we’ve provided in this blog when you’re looking for ways to care for your skin – you know what they say about an ounce of prevention (or an ounce of skin lotion)!,

Are you worried that skincare products aren’t the answer to your neck wrinkles? Maybe a surgical procedure is a better choice. You can consider procedures such as a neck lift (where excess skin and fat in the neck area is removed and the remaining skin and muscles are tightened to create a firmer neck with fewer wrinkles), or a PrecisionTX procedure (which uses a laser to tone, smoothen, and tighten skin in the neck and lower face). If you’d like some facial work done as well, consider a facelift – unlike most mini facelifts, Dr. Beverly Fischer’s facelift includes neck tightening.

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Get Started Today

If you have an aging neck, don’t wait. Contact us to see what solution is the right option for you. Begin a new life with a smooth, firm neck, courtesy of Dr. Beverly Fischer and the all-female staff of the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery.


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