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Skip Mascara this Summer with Latisse

Skip Mascara this Summer with Latisse

By Beverly Fischer on May 6, 2019

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Latisse - Dr. Beverly Fischer

The onset of summer means you can finally look forward to long, lazy days of sun and fun and warm nights spent enjoying the company of family and friends. While you’re surely ready to slip into breezy sun dresses and free your feet from the tyranny of winter boots and wool socks, you might not be looking forward to the makeup woes brought on by high temperatures.

Sure, you can switch from the heavy foundations of fall and winter to your favorite BB cream to hide imperfections and add a dewy glow, but layering on sunscreen under makeup can be problematic when it comes to your mascara application. Even a solid waterproof mascara could break down under the assault of warm temperatures and the interaction with your sunscreen and summer makeup.

While there are mascara brands that claim to be sunscreen-proof, a better option may be to forego mascara altogether during the summer months. How will you get the long, lush lashes you crave without mascara? There’s a simple solution: Latisse.

What is Latisse?

This formula from global pharmaceutical company Allergan is a prescription lash serum designed to stimulate hair growth, resulting in lashes that are longer, thicker, and darker than before. The main ingredient, bimatoprost, was originally used to treat glaucoma, but through ongoing treatment, the positive side effects for lashes were discovered.

Latisse is applied to the eyelid at the lash line daily. Each bottle lasts about 30 days (or 30 applications per eye) and comes with 60 sterile applicator brushes. Ongoing use of Latisse is required to maintain results – if you stop using it, your lashes will return to their previous state within a few weeks or months.

Significant improvement can be seen in as little as 6-8 weeks, but it could take up to 16 weeks to see full results. In clinical studies, patients using Latisse saw 25% longer lashes, 106% fuller lashes, and 18% darker lashes, on average.

Who Should Try Latisse?

Latisse is ideal for anyone who suffers stunted or thinning lashes, or who simply wants lashes that look naturally full and lush without the aid of mascara. It can take several weeks of daily application before you see results, so now is a good time to start if you hope to ditch your mascara before summer. Latisse is not suitable for use during pregnancy.


What to Know before You Start

Most patients experience minimal or no side effects with Latisse, and the benefits far outweigh potential drawbacks. However, in order to make an informed decision, you should know that this product could cause minor side effects. The most common are dryness, redness, or itching, especially in patients that are prone to dry eyes already, or those that wear contact lenses. These symptoms are reported by approximately 4% of patients, but are easily treatable with eye drops.

Less common side effects could include slight darkening of skin at the application site, which will likely reverse within weeks of suspending usage, as well as possible eye discoloration, which could be permanent in light-colored eyes. However, these side effects are rare. Your doctor can help you to weight the potential risks and proven benefits of Latisse.

If you’re ready for fuller lashes and you’re eager to see new growth in time for summer, contact the experienced professionals at The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery now at 410-308-4700 or online to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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