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Protect Your Skin from the Cold this Winter

Protect Your Skin from the Cold this Winter

By Beverly Fischer on November 17, 2020

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shutterstock_790646674There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to skincare.  While it’s true that skin can be categorized into a variety of types (normal, oily, dry, and combination), there are products specifically designed for different skin issues. Know that your skincare regimen can be impacted by everything from hormones, to the food you eat, to environmental factors like the climate you live in.

Anyone familiar with cold, dry, winter conditions knows that skin can easily become dry and chapped, not only from freezing temps and low humidity outdoors but from the dry heat blasting indoors, as well.  Staying hydrated is important, not just for skin, but for your whole body, and many people install portable humidifiers during the winter to keep skin and mucous membranes moist and stave off seasonal colds and flu bugs.

However, you could do a lot more to protect your skin from winter weather that causes drying and cracking, and exacerbates existing conditions like eczema or psoriasis.  If you want to prevent the irritation that cold temps bring on, here are just a few ways to protect your skin from damaging winter weather.

Skip Hot Water

When cold winter temperatures work their way into your very bones, there’s nothing more relaxing than a steamy shower or bath. Unfortunately, hot water is a major culprit behind skin drying during colder months.

Hot water and soap can work in tandem to wash away natural oils that protect your skin from drying, leaving you itchy, raw, and irritated. The solution, although you might not like it much, is to opt for shorter showers in lukewarm water and minimize the amount of soap you use.

Ideally, you should skip a day and shower every other day to allow irritated skin to recover.  Using a mild, moisturizing soap like Dove could help, but it may depend on your skin type and the rest of your skincare regimen.

Wash Your Face Regularly

Even with minimizing time spent under the showerhead, don’t forget to wash your face. You don’t want dirt, dust, cosmetics, and environmental contaminants to clog your pores and can be just as problematic as over-washing.

Even if you switch to showering every other day, make sure to wash your face daily to remove makeup and contaminants that you don’t want lingering on your skin. With proper moisturizing, you can replenish oils lost to daily washing.

Moisturize Like Your Skin Depends on It (It Does!)

Finding the right skincare products during the winter can mean the difference between balanced, hydrated skin and a dry, itchy, irritated mess.  If you’re looking for a complete skincare system built on clinical research and designed to promote healthy skin, you’re sure to love Obagi, which offers everything from sun protection and targeted solutions to systems that include cleansers, moisturizers, and anti-aging products that preserve healthy, youthful skin and prevent the signs of aging. Reach out for more information, we’d be happy to talk more on this product!

Take Your Vitamins

Preserving your body’s natural defenses requires adequate nutrients, including vitamins and minerals that you may not get enough of through diet alone.  One vitamin that many people fall short on during the winter months is D, which we typically get from sun exposure.  This is important because vitamin D plays a role in skin growth and repair, as well as preventing aging.

If you’re worried about getting proper nutrients to protect your skin during the winter, or year-round, consider BioTE supplements that can help you get needed vitamins or address other deficiencies or imbalances that could impact your skin and your overall health.

Healthy skin starts with professional help, so if you’re worried about the effects of winter weather or you simply want to improve your skin care regimen, contact Beverly Fischer, MD today online to schedule a consultation and learn more.


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