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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift

By Beverly Fischer on May 12, 2021

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Being unhappy with the appearance of your breasts can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Whether your breast shape has become less than ideal from pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or good-old gravity, a breast lift procedure can restore breasts to a more youthful position.

If you’d like a fuller bust line, but don’t want implants, a breast lift can achieve that, too. Bigger isn’t always better! Lifting and reshaping the existing breast tissue will improve the look of your breasts without actually changing the overall size.

There are several reasons why someone would consider a breast enhancement. Each reason (and each person) comes with a unique set of challenges, along with unique goals.

1. Breast Reshaping After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can go through. But let’s be real, it can also do a number on your body. The hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulate breast growth and weight gain, but after delivery — and especially after breastfeeding — breasts can appear saggy or deflated.

Breast reshaping after pregnancy is a gift that a new mother gives herself. We recommend waiting for 3 to 6 months after breastfeeding has stopped to give the body time to make its natural readjustments.  At that time, a breast lift will help restore breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape, size, and overall appearance, while diminishing the visual impact of stretch marks.   

2. Breast Lift After Weight Loss

Weight loss can improve your health and extend your lifespan. It can also lead to drooping, sunken breasts. Breasts are made up largely of fat. As your body becomes a lean, mean fat-burning machine, it burns up excess fat wherever it’s found, including your breasts. For women with a significant amount of weight to lose, breasts will become noticeably less firm and full. They may even begin to sag.  

Getting a breast lift after weight loss is the perfect solution. During the lift procedure, Dr. Fisher will remove excess skin and tighten the remaining tissue, along with underlying muscles. This will restore the look of the breasts and reposition them higher on the chest for a natural, youthful look.

3. Nipple Repositioning

Some women naturally have breasts with downward-pointing nipples. Some have had their nipples change position with age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. These changes don’t cause any medical concerns, but if you prefer a different look to your breasts, a lift can help.

During the reshaping procedure, the nipple and areola can be shifted to a more upward position.

 4. Areola Reduction

A very large areola can make some women feel self-conscious about their breasts and lead to other body-image issues. During most breast enhancement procedures—reshaping, lifting or reduction—it is possible to reduce the size of the areola.

5. Improved Shape

Sometimes, nature just doesn’t give us what we want. But fortunately, Dr. Fischer can. Reshaping is the primary reason that most women seek consultation for a breast lift. You may be a candidate for reshaping regardless of breast height or any elasticity loss that you’ve experienced with time.

One of the most common questions about a breast lift procedure is how long it will last. In most cases, the answer is 7 to 10 years. Breast reshaping is more than just a vanity issue. For many women, it is an investment in better self-esteem and a better quality of life overall.

Dr. Beverly Fischer, MD, at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery is an expert in the field of breast enhancement. As the leading female cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore, she has helped countless women to achieve the beautiful shape they’ve always envisioned having. She can help you, too.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation about a breast lift, breast reshaping, breast reduction, or breast augmentation.

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Dr. Beverly A. Fischer is passionate about her role as a leading female plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. She believes that plastic surgery makes a positive, life-changing difference, whether you’re renewing your body, face, and skin or embarking on an entire gender transition.

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