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Tummy Tuck

In Timonium, Maryland

Whether due to pregnancy or significant weight loss, many people have excess skin and fat and weakened muscles around their abdominal area. With Dr. Fischer’s expertise and years of experience performing tummy tuck surgery, you can finally have the slimmer and firmer abs you deserve.  

What is a Tummy Tuck? 

A tummy tuck procedure (also called abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and tissue and repairs and strengthens the abdominal muscles. 

At The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, we often pair a tummy tuck with liposuction to create a beautifully shaped abdomen. Dr. Beverly Fischer and our team have performed these procedures for over 20 years and employ the safest, most effective methods available. 

Candidates for a Tummy Tuck 

Most patients in Baltimore who come in with excess skin and fat around their abdomen and/or weak abdominal muscles are good candidates for a tummy tuck. That said, there are some criteria we look for when determining if someone is an ideal candidate for this procedure, including:  

  • In generally good health 
  • Have realistic expectations 
  • Have no medical conditions that could affect the healing process 
  • Aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Nonsmokers  

Tummy Tuck Procedure 

A tummy tuck treatment is a highly effective outpatient procedure that produces dramatic and virtually instant results. As one of the top female cosmetic surgeons in the Baltimore area, Dr. Beverly Fischer is trained to perform abdominoplasty with the utmost care and precision. She and her team will ensure that any scars are discreet and hidden below bathing suit or panty lines.  

To start off the tummy tuck procedure, we’ll take your “before” photos and administer general anesthesia to ensure you’re completely comfortable. 

Dr. Fischer will then remove excess tissue and sculpt your abdomen to your specifications, using the latest equipment designed for this procedure. Drains will be placed, and then your incisions will be closed. 

Tummy Tuck Recovery 

As you start your recovery, we will provide you with a compression garment designed to help you heal faster. You can return home the same day, but you will need a friend or family member to drive you home and take care of you for the first 24-48 hours. 

You will likely experience some bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Dr. Fischer will prescribe pain medication to ensure your comfort. These side effects will improve over time. Dr. Fischer will also direct you on how to take care of the drains that are placed to collect fluid buildup. 

You’ll want to rest for the first one to two weeks, avoid any kind of strenuous activity, and limit how much you bend at the waist. After two weeks, you will likely be able to return to work and perform some light activities. You’ll need to continue to wear your compression garment for several more weeks. 

After about one to two months, most of the swelling and bruising will have subsided, and you’ll see your initial results. After six months, your final results will be visible.  

Tummy Tuck Results 

You may notice some initial results immediately after your tummy tuck surgery, but most will be hidden behind the swelling and bruising. As you heal, more of your results will shine through. By six months to a year, you’ll be able to fully see your new tighter and firmer abdomen. 

Tummy tuck results are usually long-lasting if you maintain a stable weight. 

Schedule A Consultation 

Are you ready to finally remove excess skin around your abdomen? Perhaps you’re tired of dealing with weakened ab muscles? You’re likely a great candidate for a tummy tuck. Schedule a consultation today, and Dr. Fischer will address your concerns, answer any questions you have, and build a customized tummy tuck treatment plan for you. We proudly serve the residents of Baltimore, Towson, Cockeysville, and the surrounding areas. 

Call our office at 443-903-2718 or fill out our online contact form.


See what our patients have to say.

"My experience with Dr. Beverly and her staff was something I could never forget. They're knowledgeable, kind, and respectful. Every time that I go for a follow-up visit, I genuinely don't want to leave. Jo in the office remembers details about me and my mom and feels like a good friend now, and Shannon her nurse was really there for me. It feels like I'm visiting family. They recently hired new office staff and it made me nervous that it might change the environment but Hannah and the others I didn't know proved otherwise. Really incredible team who want to make a difference, and DO! As far as surgery goes, it was very smooth and any issues I had, I knew I would get outstanding support from the entire team."


"They answered all my questions, had lots of additional information to share, and were very friendly and warm when I came to the decision to try it out. I loved the results! ACPS has an amazing team to work with."


"Love, love, love Dr. Fischer and her entire staff. I had 2 major procedures done on the same day and I’m 6 months out and couldn’t be happier with the results!! She has given me a whole new lease on life! Dr. Fischer’s staff have been so supportive and patient with me during the whole process! I would absolutely recommend her to any and everyone!!!!!"


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