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What to Look for in Your Plastic Surgeon & Supporting Staff

What to Look for in Your Plastic Surgeon & Supporting Staff

By Beverly Fischer on December 20, 2023

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When planning for a cosmetic procedure, there are a lot of plastic surgeons that you can choose from, but not every doctor is going to be right for you. This is an exciting time, but it’s also normal to be nervous, and you need to be sure that your choice of a plastic surgeon is the right one. It’s important to focus on finding the surgeon and the staff that put you at ease. But how can you tell? What are some of the things you should look for in your plastic surgeon staff?

They make you comfortable.

One of the best ways to find out if a certain plastic surgeon is the right one for you is to schedule a consultation and see for yourself. You should feel comfortable when speaking with the staff. You should feel comfortable speaking with the doctor. You should feel comfortable by the look of the facility.

You are already nervous about going into surgery, so there is no need for you to be nervous about the people who are taking care of you. So, take time to schedule a consultation and find out if you are going to feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon and their staff.

An all-female staff.

Speaking of comfort, you need a plastic surgeon who has an all-female staff. Why? Because you need people who will understand what you are going through and who deal with the same problems that you do. If the staff is all-female, then you can be sure that they will fully understand your needs and will be able to discuss expected outcomes in ways that all of you can relate.

Look, we are not saying that there are no good male plastic surgeons! What we are saying is that your comfort level will be impacted by not having an all-female staff. There is a certain care and gentleness that you will not find at other facilities like you will at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery.

Operating room on-site.

Have you ever gone to a doctor only to be told that you need something done at another hospital or office? That is not only frustrating, but also very nerve-racking. You are comfortable with your doctor and their staff, and now you have to go somewhere that you’re not familiar, with staff you don’t know.

When you schedule your consultation with your plastic surgeon, ask to see if they have an operating room on-site. This way, you will be as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process and you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t end up in another hospital.

The doctor is in.

Sometimes when you go to a doctor, once they are done with your procedure, you never hear from them again. They may have successfully performed the task, but now you are left alone to recover. What if you have problems? Most likely, they will give you a number to call post-op and then you never actually talk to the doctor again. You end up talking to an assistant whom you do not know.

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Beverly Fischer have honesty, expert knowledge, and great bedside manner. You want a doctor that will follow up with you. You want a doctor that will check in and make sure you are doing alright, like she will. Dr. Fischer does all these things, and you can be sure that you will have the best pre and post-op care available anywhere. However, don’t take our word for it! Here is what just one of our satisfied patients experienced during her treatment:

From start to finish, the staff are very efficient and so willing to help, truly wonderful people. As far as Dr. Fischer, I cannot say enough great things about her. She is not only an amazing surgeon, but she has a heart of gold and truly cares about her patients. I would not recommend anyone else for any kind of plastic surgery.” — Tammy B.


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Dr. Beverly A. Fischer is passionate about her role as a leading female plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. She believes that plastic surgery makes a positive, life-changing difference, whether you’re renewing your body, face, and skin or embarking on an entire gender transition.

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