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7 Signs of Aging Hands and How to Treat Them

7 Signs of Aging Hands and How to Treat Them

By Beverly Fischer on March 3, 2022

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As you age, it’s no surprise that your body ages with you. Hands are one of the first parts of the body to age. Keep reading to learn why hands age quickly and how to help aging of hands for yourself.

  1. Wrinkles

  2. Age Spots and Sun Spots

  3. Dry Skin

  4. Loose Skin

  5. Veins

  6. Stained and Brittle Nails

  7. Red, Peeling Skin

Prevent and Treat the Top 7 Signs of Aging in Hands:

  1. Wrinkles. You may be wondering how to get rid of wrinkles on hands. Wrinkles are unavoidable throughout the natural aging process. Hand skin loses fat and elasticity the older you become, which causes more translucent skin, leading to wrinkles. Compared to the rest of the body, hands are especially vulnerable to wrinkles. Anti-aging hand cream and a well-balanced diet are simple and effective preventative measures you can take to slow the aging process. Laser treatment is also an easy and relatively affordable way to stop hand wrinkles in their tracks and turn back the clock on your aging hands.
  2. Age Spots & Sun Spots. It’s no secret that the sun’s powerful UVA & UVB rays are harmful to the skin. While you most likely apply sunscreen to your face and body when they’re exposed to the sun, you’re not alone if you accidentally skip your hands when in the sunscreen application process, which can lead to age spots on hands. For preventative measures, ensure that a high SPF sunscreen is applied to your hands anytime they will be exposed to the sun for more than a short period of time. If you already have some pesky sun spots, try a topical cream containing retinoid acid, a chemical peel, or a laser treatment.
  3. Dry Skin. Hands are often dry. Dryness paired with thin, aging skin can lead your skin to crack open, causing open wounds and scabs on your hands. To prevent this, make sure you moisturize with hand cream for dry hands daily. A good habit to get into is applying lotion after every shower. Another alternative is to keep a bottle of lotion on your nightstand and lather up before you go to sleep.
  4. Loose Skin. Loose skin is one of the most common characteristics of aging hands. Your hands take a beating over the years. Soap, extreme weather, and the sun, as well as all of the cuts and scars you accumulate, play a part in breaking down the skin. To tighten your hand skin, stay hydrated and moisturized, go easy on the antibacterial soap, and wear gloves if you’re cleaning with harsh chemicals. You can also talk to a plastic surgeon about hand lifts, fat transfers, and fillers for hands.
  5. Veins. As hands get older, the skin thins and the veins are more prominently visible. While properly moisturizing with lotion and applying sunscreen can help to prevent this, it can’t always stop especially large veins from becoming more prominent. To treat bulging veins in hands, plastic surgeons use laser therapy to cut off circulation to these veins in your hands. The unused veins will be absorbed by the body and the veins below them will take over.
  6. Stained and Brittle Nails. You want your nails to look good, but this is difficult if they’ve become stained and brittle with age. Chemical cleaning solutions, soap, weather, and years of use put a lot of strain on our fingernails. To keep them as healthy as possible, use a moisturizing soap, regularly apply oils and cream, and wear gloves when you clean with harsh chemicals. If your brittle nails are negatively impacting everyday life, talk with your doctor about implementing Biotin for nails. Biotin is a supplement and vitamin that is commonly used to treat brittle nails.
  7. Red, Peeling Skin. As you get older, the skin on your hands may become red and start to peel. While the side effects are similar, and often associated with dry skin, these side effects are often harsher and include symptoms like itching, rashes, and lesions. Talk to your doctor to ensure you’re not experiencing any side effects from your medication. If you can rule that out and are still experiencing red, peely skin, you will want to apply lotion and moisturizer frequently, and use anti-bacterial cream to clean up any cuts.

The clock won’t stop for your hands. You can take action to ensure your hands maintain your desired look and feel. As you age, remember that surgical options like laser therapy, hand lifts, and fillers are always an option to keep your hands looking young. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Beverly Fischer and the team at The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today!

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