Breast Enhancement

What Is a Breast Enhancement?

One of the most popular (and growing) plastic surgery procedures, a breast enhancement or "boob job" helps you achieve fuller, shapelier breasts and the empowering confidence that goes with them.

Breast enhancement is a procedure for increasing the size and shape of a woman’s breasts by inserting an implant behind each breast.

As a leading female cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Beverly Fischer understands the importance of loving your breasts. She will work with you to assess your body shape and then design and create the breasts that will make you happiest.

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Reasons to Consider

Is a Boob Job Right for You?

If you’ve never been fully satisfied with the shape or size of your breasts, are undergoing a gender transition, or you’ve found that your breasts have changed due to pregnancy and breast-feeding, extreme weight loss, or simply gravity and aging, then a breast enhancement surgery or "boob job" could be the next best step for you.

Choosing the Best Breast Implant:

You have options when it comes to the type of breast implant that you may want to pursue to give you the comfortable, safe and natural appearance that you are aiming for. Dr. Fischer only uses top of the line, extra cohesive silicone implants that decrease rippling, creating a softer and more natural feel.

  • Implant profile: You can pick a more natural look with a moderate profile or significantly increase cleavage with a high-profile implant.
  • Incisions: There are two common incision sites for implant placement: around the nipple (periareolar) or under the breast. 
  • Implant size: Try on sizers at your consultation to see what size looks best for your body.

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Benefits of a Breast Enhancement

Whether you're interested in reshaping or enhancing with breast implants, Dr. Beverly Fischer can help you to achieve the look you've always wanted:

  • Restore volume in your breasts post-pregnancy
  • Even out the size of your breasts
  • Achieve the perky breasts you had before
  • Boost overall self-esteem and confidence

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What to Expect

From the moment you walk through our doors until you’re ready to put your best face forward in the world, we love to pamper you. Our relaxing and inviting space has been designed to offer a spa-like experience, with a soothing environment and an unhurried vibe to get you ready to show off your refreshed look.

How to Prepare

Breast enhancement is a relatively simple outpatient procedure that requires very little preparation. At the consultation, Dr. Fischer will review your medical history and take measurements of your chest to help determine what size and shape implant will be best suited for your body. 

Pre-Operative Appointment

About three weeks prior to your breast enhancement, you’ll come to our offices to sign a consent form, have your “before” photos done and receive pre- and postoperative instructions.

Date of the Procedure

We’ll administer general anesthesia and Dr. Fischer will perform a one-hour surgery using her specialized state-of-the-art techniques. Afterward, we’ll make you comfortable with supportive bandages and a special compression garment designed to help you heal faster. Any discomfort can be treated with prescription medication.


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After 4-7 Days

You can return back to work and resume some of your lighter activities, such as walking. You may still have some difficulty opening jars or reaching overhead.

You will wear a compression bra to help minimize swelling. And you’ll avoid strenuous activity for the first 2-3 weeks.

After 3-6 Weeks

Swelling subsides and you’ll see your new breasts emerge.

After 6-8 Weeks

You can return to your regular exercise and life routines. Any small scars should recede within a year. Now you can enjoy looking and feeling your best with your new breasts.


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Breast Enhancement procedures vary in cost depending on the patient's goals. To learn more about breast enhancement procedures and the cost of your unique experience, please schedule a consultation. After receiving your personalized consultation our staff will discuss your specific costs based on implant type and size. 


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