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All About Eye Lifts: Upper, Lower, and Combo Bleph

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All About Eye Lifts Upper Lower Combo Bleph Blog Image Although there are more anti-aging products on the market today than ever before, all the lotions, potions, and tinctures in the world can’t halt the aging process. Eventually, your skin will start to lose elasticity and sag, despite your best efforts.

If you’re sick of hearing well-meaning family members and friends say you look tired when you feel perfectly alert and energetic, it may be time to consider the rejuvenating benefits of an eye lift. The only problem is figuring out which procedure is right for you. Do you want to address sagging upper lids, puffy lower lids, or both?

What is Blepharoplasty?

Gravity is not a kind mistress, and when paired with time, its effects will show on your face. With age, the skin around your eyes will stretch and sag, fat pockets may form, and the muscles will weaken. The overall effect will make you look old and tired, and it could even start to impact your vision.

There is an effective solution, though: blepharoplasty, more commonly referred to as a bleph. This cosmetic surgery may involve the removal of skin, fat, and muscle to diminish sagging, bagging, and drooping, tightening the lids to improve your field of vision and/or refresh your appearance. This surgery may be performed alone or with other cosmetic procedures.

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Upper Bleph

Not every patient has issues with both upper and lower lids. If you have excess skin on the upper lid that is sagging and impacting your vision, you may only be interested in an upper bleph. This procedure typically includes the removal of loose skin, and possibly fatty tissue if deposits are present.

The surgery involves an incision made along the crease of the upper eyelid, after which excess skin and fat is removed and muscles are repositioned. When the recovery process is complete, patients will experience an improved field of vision and a fresh, youthful appearance. In addition, the incision at the crease of the lid will be nearly invisible when fully healed.

Lower Bleph

This surgical procedure is generally intended to remove fatty deposits common in the lower lids (i.e. undereye bags), as well as excess skin, tightening the area to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. This is accomplished by making an incision at the lower lash line, removing excess skin, fat, and sometimes muscle. In some cases, fat is redistributed to create a smooth, even, youthful appearance.

Benefits of Combination Blepharoplasty

A combo bleph delivers all the benefits of both upper and lower bleph procedures for patients experiencing both droopy upper lids and puffy and/or crepey lower lids. If you’re fed up with looking tired even when you feel alert and energetic, your vision has been impacted by sagging eyelids, or you simply want to regain a fresh and youthful appearance, the most effective solution is an upper, lower, or combination blepharoplasty.

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