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What Is A Lip Augmentation?

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So, you want to have an irresistible pout that will make the one you love want to pucker up. Lipstick, lip liner or fillers aren't doing the trick. They might give you the illusion of fuller lips, but you will need some help with a cosmetic procedure if you want longer lasting results. Fat transfer is a popular procedure that could work for you when it comes to wanting bigger, fuller poutier lips.

How Does a Fat Transfer Work for Lip Augmentation?

Fat transfer is being used more and more often today to give patients dramatic results when they want to increase the volume of specific part of their body. Fat transfer is often used to fill in your breasts, butt and face. Fortunately, it can also be transferred to your lips, a procedure called a lip augmentation.

The first step is to identify a part of your body where you have store excess fat. The thighs, buttocks and stomach are usually the targeted areas for fat harvesting. Once the fat has been removed from the area, it must go through a purification process. Once purified, the final step is to prepare the fat for injection into your lips to give you the fullness you desire.

Why Choose a Fat Transfer for Lip Augmentation?

When you opt for a fat transfer, you are choosing a natural solution, using a substance that comes from your own body to enhance the appearance of your lips. Your lips will be plump and feel natural when you use your own fat.

When it comes to enhancing your lips, dermal fillers are often used, but the fillers will continue to be need a touch up. With a fat transfer, you know exactly what you are putting in your lips to make them look their best and achieving long-lasting results.

Why Choose Lip Implants?

A more permanent type of lip augmentation can be done with implants. These implants are actually a silicone rope that is inserted in the upper and the lower lip. This rope accentuates your pout while also helping to smooth your lip lines. A big difference between lip injections and lip implants is that lip implants are a permanent solution to your thin lip woes. You can say goodbye to your frequent lip injections with this permanent solution!

Are You a Candidate?

As mentioned above, to complete a fat transfer procedure on your lips, you need to have enough fat to harvest and transfer to your lips. If you are very slim or a major fitness buff, you may not have the required amount of fat to transfer. If that is the case, you will need to consider other non-surgical options to get fuller lips, such as dermal fillers

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Ask Our Plastic Surgeon About Lip Augmentation

If a fat transfer sounds like the right choice for you to plump up your lips, request a consultation with our plastic surgeon at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Fischer will examine your lips and evaluate your body to determine if you have fat to spare for a fat transfer procedure. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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