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Correct Years of Sun Damage with the Halo Laser

Halo laser

The Halo is a hybrid laser treatment process that is used to treat various skin complications such as enlarged pores, discoloration and scars, among others. The halo laser treatment process can rejuvenate the skin and restore the damage that is caused by years of intensive exposure to the sun.

Effects of sun damage on the skin

Extensive exposure of the skin to sunlight can lead to extensive damage to the skin. The heat from the sun tends to dry out lubricating oils on the skin leading to dryness. In addition, exposure to UV light burns the skin causing changes in texture and structure.

Sun damaged skin typically exhibits the characteristics of dryness (where glands producing moisture and oils in the skin dry up), sunburn (reddening of the skin due to UV light exposure), and actinic keratosis (small bumps within the skin only removable by medication). Repeated exposure to sun-damaged skin over a lifetime can increase your chances of getting skin cancer. 

Halo Laser in Fixing Sun Damaged Skin

The halo laser treatment can be used to fix sun-damaged skin. This non-evasive laser treatment can be used to treat a range of skin conditions that include: poor texture, scars, discoloration, fine lines, enlarged pores and wrinkles.

Therefore, sun damages skin that is reddened, dry and bumpy can be corrected through halo laser treatment.

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How it Works

The Halo treatment process involves the delivery of laser energy through your skin using fractionated beams. These beams generate heat when they reach deep within the skin cells. This heat triggers the body to begin the healing process where new, healthier skin cells are formed to replace the old ones. The new cells rejuvenate the skin back to a healthy and smooth state.

Previously damaged structures on the skin that caused pigmentation issues are eliminated after successful treatment.

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Expected results

With halo, you can get great results within a minimal amount of time. The halo treatment significantly saves recovery times by targeting just the right depth and preventing damage, while at the same time producing effective results. Halo is able to combine the best of both worlds and restore your skin to a youthful healthy state with minimal downtime.

Sun damaged skin that is reddened or riddled with actinic keratosis can effectively be replaced by rejuvenated skin cells and thus healthier skin for you moving forward. Halo also reduces pore size on the skin thereby reducing the likelihood of sun damage. Reduced pore size also means your skin is less exposed to excess heat and harmful UV radiation.

Halo is also very flexible and allows you to determine how deep you would want to go in your treatment as well as your downtime. Depending on your particular situation with sun-burnt skin, you can design a custom treatment process that gets your skin back to how you prefer it best. 


Halo is the ultimate solution for correcting sun-damaged skin. Together with Dr. Beverly Fischer, you can customize your skin rejuvenation treatments with the Halo Laser. The treatments are specially tailored to your specific needs, making sure that we design a solution that is right for you. Contact us to schedule your halo laser treatment today.

Dr. Beverly Fischer

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