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Vaginal Rejuvenation

In Timonium, Maryland

Are you struggling with vaginal dryness, chafing, or even pain during sex? Vaginal rejuvenation may be the solution you’ve been looking for. We offer labiaplasty and the nonsurgical RejuVAnate laser treatment to help our patients in and around Baltimore feel comfortable with every part of their bodies. 

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation? 

There are two major events in a woman’s life that can lead to a decline in vaginal health: after childbirth and during menopause. 

Birthing a child can stretch the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue. Often, the tissue does not return to the same state as before, which leads to a decrease in sensual pleasure. You may also experience the inability to hold your urine when coughing, sneezing, running, or laughing. 

The start of menopause may also reduce your estrogen and often leads to thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls. 

Although each vagina may look different when it comes to the length of the inner and outer labia, these differences might be uncomfortable for you when it comes to specific underwear, crossing your legs, or even riding a bike. The look and feel of your labia and vagina may also make you self-conscious while being intimate with your partner. 

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Restore, revive, and feel comfortable in your feminine wellness with the vaginal rejuvenation treatments and procedures we offer at The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery in Baltimore. 

We offer the surgical labiaplasty option that can address the size and shape of your inner and outer labia, and the nonsurgical RejuVAnate Laser treatment, which can help with vaginal skin laxity, address dryness, and more. 

Candidates for Vaginal Rejuvenation 

If you’re experiencing dryness in the vaginal area or pain or stress during sex, you are likely a great candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. Some other criteria we look for in ideal candidates for vaginal rejuvenation (either surgical or nonsurgical) include: 

  • In generally good health 
  • Have realistic expectations 
  • Nonsmokers 
  • No medical conditions that could affect the healing process 
  • People who have given birth and want to improve their vaginal health and sexual experience 
  • People going through peri-menopause or post-menopause and experiencing vaginal dryness and discomfort 

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure 

In Baltimore, Dr. Beverly Fischer offers labiaplasty and RejuVAnate laser vaginal rejuvenation. 

The labiaplasty procedure begins with the administration of general or local anesthesia. From there, Dr. Fischer will make precise incisions and remove excess tissue to reduce the size or change the shape of your inner and outer labia. The incisions will then be closed, and you’ll start your recovery process. 

For RejuVAnate laser vaginal rejuvenation, it will start with your provider applying topical numbing cream for your comfort. From there, we’ll apply the laser to the vaginal tissues. You’ll likely only feel a slight warming sensation. The lasers will heat up the tissues to promote collagen production, which, in turn, will tighten the vaginal tissues to address loose skin, dryness, and even urinary incontinence.   

Vaginal Rejuvenation Recovery & Results 

After the RejuVAnate procedure, you can go back to your normal routine immediately. That said, you will want to wait four or more days before having sex. We typically recommend having three treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. Results take several weeks to several months to show up. 

After labiaplasty, you’ll likely see some swelling and discomfort, but those side effects will fade as you recover. Dr. Fischer will also prescribe pain medication to help make you comfortable as you heal. You can also apply an ice pack in 15-minute intervals. Wearing loose-fitting clothing is also recommended during the healing process.  

You will be able to return to work and light activities after a few days, but you’ll want to wait four to six weeks before you perform any rigorous activities, including intercourse. 

You will likely notice results after about six weeks when most of the swelling goes down. 

Most patients enjoy incredible results after just three short treatments. 

You can typically expect to return to regular activities following the labiaplasty procedure, although it is recommended that patients avoid sexual intercourse for four or more days afterward.  

Schedule A Consultation 

Ensure your complete comfort and femininity with vaginal rejuvenation! Dr. Fischer and her team will help you determine the right procedure for your needs. Take the first step and schedule a consultation today. Call our office at 443-218-9738 or fill out our online contact form. We happily serve the Baltimore, Towson, and Cockeysville, MD areas. 


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"The entire staff is EXCEPTIONAL! They are professional and personal. My experience was amazing. I felt heard in every single appointment. From the consultation to my follow-ups. I was treated like family. Dr. Fischer made sure my results were what I wanted. Her communication and personal approach made me confident in my decisions. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Truly an outstanding team."


"Love, love, love Dr. Fischer and her entire staff. I had 2 major procedures done on the same day and I’m 6 months out and couldn’t be happier with the results!! She has given me a whole new lease on life! Dr. Fischer’s staff have been so supportive and patient with me during the whole process! I would absolutely recommend her to any and everyone!!!!!"


"They answered all my questions, had lots of additional information to share, and were very friendly and warm when I came to the decision to try it out. I loved the results! ACPS has an amazing team to work with."


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