Breast Reduction

What Is a Breast Reduction?

If your breasts were always more of a burden than a boost, or if they’ve recently grown that way, breast reduction surgery is a safe and easy way to regain a balanced body and take the weight off your back, neck and shoulders by removing excess skin and tissue.

As one of the top female cosmetic surgeons in the area, Dr. Beverly Fischer is an expert in reduction mammaplasty. She loves seeing her patients cry tears of joy when they finally fall in love with this part of their body.

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Reasons to Consider

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

If you’re experiencing back, shoulder, neck or nerve pain – or if you have asymmetric breasts or heavy dense breasts with downward pointing nipples, then a breast reduction procedure will help you tremendously by balancing your body.

Breast reduction is a relatively simple outpatient procedure that removes excess skin and glandular tissue through a small anchor (“inverted T”) or a lollipop incision. The incision type is determined by the amount of skin that needs to be removed.

For this surgery, we will reshape your breast and re-position the nipple and areola, if necessary, so that your breasts are proportional and symmetrical. All breast reductions include a breast lift to ensure the proper positioning of your breasts.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have difficulty finding clothing that fits well or you’re unable to perform physical activities due to your breast size, breast reduction surgery can also enhance your confidence. 

With breast reduction, you can pursue your favorite physical activity like running or cardio classes, shop for pretty lingerie and experience the joy of breasts that fit you comfortably and well!

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What to Expect

How to Prepare

Pre-Operative Appointment

About three weeks prior to your breast reduction, you’ll come to our offices to sign consent forms and receive pre- and post-operative instructions.

Date of the Procedure

For a breast reduction and lift, we’ll take your before photos, administer general anesthesia and Dr. Fischer will perform a two-hour surgery employing leading-edge technology created just for this procedure.


Afterward, we’ll make you comfortable with supportive bandages and a special compression sports bra designed to help you heal faster. Any discomfort can be treated with prescription medication.


After 7 Days

You can return back to work and resume some of your lighter activities. You’ll wear the surgical bra to help minimize swelling. Silicon sheets are also an effective way to expedite the healing of scars. Make sure you’re getting enough rest and keeping ice on your breasts for the first 48-72 hours after surgery. You’ll also want to avoid strenuous activity for the first 2-3 weeks.

After 3-6 Weeks

Swelling subsides and you’ll see how your new breasts have settled.

After 6 Weeks

You can return to your regular exercise and life routines. Any small scars should recede within a year. You may continue any scar regimens, if necessary.


Breast reductions vary in cost from person to person, depending on the individual patient's goals. To learn more about breast reduction and the cost of your unique experience, please schedule a consultation.


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