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What is the UpLyft Facelift?

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What is the UpLyftFacelift  | Dr. Beverly Fischer - The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery

Confidence and self-esteem don’t just give you a positive outlook on life – these emotions can also lead to a successful career. But if you don’t feel good about how you look, confidence can be hard to come by.

So if you’ve looked in the mirror lately and wondered when those neck lines or facial wrinkles appeared, it might be time to consider what a facelift can do for you. Here’s a hint: It can help you regain your confidence. For instance, did you know that other people perceive women who’ve had a facelift as successful and healthy? It’s true; the way you look and carry yourself has a huge impact and the way other people see you.

And if you find yourself hesitant about going under general anesthesia, there is an option for you. Dr. Beverly Fischer has perfected a revolutionary facelift technique using local anesthesia, that doesn’t come with the risks, pain or inconvenience of the more traditional facelift methods.

The Advanced Natural Facelift

It’s called the UpLyft. The UpLyft – the advanced natural facelift – is a “mini facelift,” requiring smaller, less obvious incisions to be made along the hair and jawline, with soft sedation and a local anesthetic only. The tiny, delicate muscles in the face are then carefully and skillfully pulled and sculpted for a natural look, and youthful rejuvenation.

With the UpLyft facelift, you’ll have a limited recovery time and won’t experience the usual pain and swelling associated with more traditional facelift procedures. Also, with a mini facelift like UpLyft, it will put off the need for a more invasive, full facelift for many years. Not only is the UpLyft going to give you that youthful, natural look you want, it also acts as a preventative measure for more expensive and invasive plastic surgery methods. UpLyft is safe and refined, and you won’t experience painful bruising and swelling that can take weeks to disappear.

So, if you want to regain a youthful, refreshed look that’s natural and won't take weeks to heal, the UpLyft facelift is the perfect procedure for you. With UpLyft, you’ll get the look you want without the pain and inconvenience, not to mention the method is quick and much more affordable than other facelifts.

If you want to regain your confidence and look spectacular while doing it, contact the skilled professionals at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery today. With a free phone consultation, you’ll be able to find out quickly if you’re a candidate for the new and revolutionary UpLyft facelift.

Dr. Beverly Fischer

Dr. Beverly A. Fischer, a leading female surgeon with over 20 years' experience, believes plastic surgery makes a profound difference in people’s lives.