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5 Reasons To Not Be Nervous About Breast Augmentation Procedures

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Breast augmentation is now a very common surgical procedure. In 2014, about 280,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed. If you’re looking for a boost in your breast, you’re in the right place. At The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, we specialize in breast augmentation in the Baltimore area. 

Even if you’re thinking about getting a breast augmentation, you may not be ready to commit. We understand. It's normal to be nervous about such a big change.

That’s why we’re here to clear up your doubts, and show you why you don’t need to be nervous about breast augmentation. Read on to learn the 5 top reasons you shouldn’t be worried about this common plastic surgery procedure.

Risks Are Rare

Complications or risks of any kind are incredibly rare in breast augmentation. The procedure is very common, and most plastic surgeons have years of experience with this procedure. 

It’s estimated that the risk of suffering from a complication such as bleeding or infection is around 2%. During a standard procedure, your risk of a complication is almost 0.

Return Home Day of Surgery 

With an onsite operating room at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, you can go home the day of your procedure, but you will need a caretaker to drive you to and from your appointment. 

In the comfort of your home, you will start to heal while wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage or support bra to minimize swelling and offer support to your new breasts.

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General Anesthesia is Safe

General anesthesia is required during a breast augmentation procedure, which can be a source of concern for some patients. But anesthesia is incredibly safe. The risk of something going wrong is about 1:100,000 – essentially 0. At our plastic surgery center, our experienced anesthetist will provide you with a reliable anesthetic that will help you get through your procedure safely and effectively. If you have any further concerns about general anesthesia, consult with your primary care physician to discuss your overall health and be cleared for surgery.

Achieve Natural-looking Breasts

One hesitancy that some patients have when considering breast augmentation is that their bust will look too big or unnatural. Dr. Fischer understands that not everyone wants a significantly bigger chest, they may just want to achieve evenness or eliminate sagging in their breasts through a lift.

If you choose the right plastic surgeon, you will experience a thorough consultation and you and your surgeon will leave the appointment with a clear understanding of your goals. An experienced plastic surgeon will know exactly how to choose the best implant shape and size to match your body type and preferences, and ensure that your new bust looks natural.

Keep Your Lifestyle

Having to change an active lifestyle is often a concern for fit or athletically-minded women. They’re worried that breast implants may affect their activity level, or require them to change their exercise routine. This may be the case while you are in the healing process but breast implants, after you are fully recovered, will have no effect on your lifestyle. There’s no need to be worried about having to discontinue your favorite sports, hobbies, or recreational activities. 

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If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, now is the time schedule a consultation at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery with Baltimore's best breast surgeon, Dr. Beverly Fischer. 

Our experienced staff can help you decide whether or not breast augmentation is right for you, and answer any additional questions you may have about breast implants, breast lifts and even breast reductions.

Dr. Beverly Fischer

Dr. Beverly A. Fischer has a passion: She believes that plastic surgery makes a profound difference in people’s lives. Dr. Fischer, a leading female surgeon in the industry, has spent over 20 years helping her patients transform both emotionally and physically. She and her caring, all-female staff are dedicated to making procedures as pleasant as possible. They listen to their patients, understand their needs and care for them. Together, they have helped hundreds of people improve their confidence by adjusting their appearance.