Monthly Specials

January Deals & Discounts

Enjoy this month's special deals on various plastic surgery procedures and treatments.

Halo & BBL to Face, Neck and Chest - $1,800

Give your face, neck and chest a new look and feel with these non-invasive procedures. Learn More

Dysport - 15% OFF

Sometimes your face just needs a quick pick-me-up.  Learn More

Upper Blepharoplasty - 25% OFF

Transform the way people see you with this simple eye lift.  Learn More

Tummy Tuck- 20% OFF

Get a jump on bikini season with a tummy tuck to make you feel your best. Learn More

New BioTE Patient First Pellet - $50 OFF

Get a boost in the new year! Learn More

Silagen-Arnika Kit - 10% OFF

Help soothe and heal your post-operative incisions. Learn More

RejuVAnate - $495

Restore, revive and renew your feminine wellness with vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Learn more