Monthly Specials

February Deals & Discounts

Enjoy this month's special deals on various plastic surgery procedures and treatments.

$2,000 OFF Elevate Facelift

Revitalize your facial features and embrace a lifted look with $2,000 off our renowned Elevate Facelift. Uncover a renewed sense of self as you embark on a journey to redefine and rejuvenate your timeless beauty. Learn more.

$1,295 Halo/BBL Special 

Experience the perfect blend of science and beauty with our exclusive Halo/BBL Special, available for just $1,295. Transform your skin and unveil a radiant complexion by harnessing the power of advanced technology for a truly rejuvenating experience. Learn more.

$1,500 OFF Any Breast Surgery

Enhance and sculpt your silhouette with $1,500 off any breast surgery. This exclusive offer is designed to boost your confidence and fulfill your aesthetic aspirations. Learn more.

$100 OFF Lip Filler

Pamper yourself and accentuate your beauty with $100 off our Lip Filler treatment. Let our expert practitioners enhance your lips, giving you the perfect pout you've always desired. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to redefine your smile and radiate confidence. Learn more.

$1,000 OFF Tummy Tuck

Reclaim confidence in your body with $1,000 off our transformative Tummy Tuck procedure. Rediscover a sculpted midsection and embrace the opportunity to achieve your desired abdominal contours. Learn more.

$12/Unit Dysport/Botox

Revitalize your appearance and reduce the signs of aging with our Dysport/Botox special, priced at just $12 per unit. Unleash the power of these anti-aging treatments to achieve a refreshed and youthful look. Learn more.

15% OFF Laser Hair Removal

Remove the burden of shaving and waxing with laser hair removal. This technology allows for extremely even heating of hair follicles and minimizes missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices. Learn more.

Webinar Recording: All About Lips

Watch our webinar recording All About Lips to get some expert advice on lip augmentation solutions and get $100 OFF any lip filler treatment this month! Learn more.