Monthly Specials

March Deals & Discounts

Enjoy this month's special deals on various plastic surgery procedures and treatments.

Lift Your Lids: Upper & Lower Eyelid Special

Eyes are the window to the soul! This month, take $750 off upper or lower eyelid surgery or $1500 off upper and lower lids combined! Learn more

$1295 Halo/BBL Special

Take your skincare to the next level with the Halo or Forever Young BBL. Both of these treatments can be used to treat an incredible range of skin imperfections.  Learn more

$3500 Off Mommy Makeover

Moms! Regain and take pride in your body again with tummy tuck surgeries and breast enhancement procedures. Save $3,500 on a Mommy Makeover. Learn more

$1500 Off Breast Augmentation

Get the confidence and supple, youthful look you’ve always wanted. Dr. Beverly Fischer has mastered safe and effective breast augmentation procedures to transform women's lives. Learn more

Botox: $12/Unit

Sometimes, our face just needs a quick pick-me-up. Prevent signs of aging, treat chronic migraines, or stop excessive sweating with Botox. Learn more