I had a fabulous experience! My surgery turned out amazing and I couldn't be happier with my results. I've been telling everyone about Dr. Fischer and her amazing staff. I wish I could give 10 stars!

Kristen M.

Dr. Fischer always has the latest and greatest cutting-edge procedures and products. Her staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. I consider myself lucky to have found my very own fountain of youth! #happygirl

Shelley B.

Best experience I've ever had! Dr. Fischer is always excited to see how things are healing at your follow-up (and the nurses!), sometimes I think her excitement rivals ours. It's like having an entire office of cheerleaders just for you.

Teaque M.

A fantastic surgeon who truly cares about her patients' well-being. Along with the cosmetic outcome, if I had to do it all over again I'd keep coming back. The nurses and girls up front are amazing!

Shane H.

I want to express my sincere thanks for your nursing skills and oversight of my recovery at the center. You are a true professional and friend. I am so glad that I chose Dr Fischer and her amazing team for this life change. I have seen the doctor’s work and am very pleased. Thanks to you and the doctor. Thanks again to you for your compassion and to Dr. Fischer and the entire staff.


Gender Affirmation Center

Be the Person You Were Meant to Be

Our staff is excited to bring our health care expertise to the expanding transgender community and to help our patients become who they were truly meant to be. It is a wonderful feeling to see the smiles on our patients’ faces after surgery. There are tears of joy on all sides. At the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, we understand how emotionally and physically difficult this transition can be. We are dedicated to making this procedure as life-affirming as possible.

Dr. Fischer is committed to providing the very best transgender care, and was recently awarded "Best U.S. Paper" for 2017 by the journal for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for her manuscript titled: "Top Surgery in Men: How Far Can You Push the Envelope?"

As the top female surgeon in the Baltimore area, Dr. Fischer has been helping people transform their bodies through the following services:


Our FTM transformation services include Top Surgery (Peri-Areolar or Double Incision), Facial Masculinization and Body Contouring. Learn more in The Ultimate Guide to FTM Top Surgery


We offer Breast Augmentation for MTF transformation services.

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