Kids Out of the House? Focus on Yourself

Summer means one thing for moms – kids in the house and underfoot. While you can send them out to play, or even ship them off to summer camp to get a few precious days to yourself, summer essentially means your regular schedule goes out the window.

Can I Get a Breast Lift Without Implants?

Loving your body is always the ultimate goal, and sometimes it’s as easy as changing your inner monologue to praise your natural assets instead of focusing solely on perceived flaws. That said, we all want to look and feel our best, and when time, gravity, and other factors cause your breasts to sag, you may start[…]

The 'Ins and Outs' of Breast Surgery Recovery Bras

Whether you’ve had a breast lift, breast enhancement, breast reduction, or any other type of breast surgical procedure, a post-surgery recovery bra is critical for your proper healing and recovery.

The Best Swimsuit Tops for Breast Implants

It’s summertime, and that means backyard BBQs, bonfires, hot dogs, and of course, swimming.

5 Reasons To Not Be Nervous About Breast Augmentation Procedures

Breast augmentation is now a very common surgical procedure. In 2014, about 280,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed. If you’re looking for a boost in your breast, you’re in the right place. At The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, we specialize in breast augmentation in the Baltimore area.