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Labiaplasty Recovery: Timeline and What to Expect

It’s a topic that can make us uncomfortable, even when discussing it with plastic surgeons that encounter these medical conditions all the time. But t...

Breast Augmentation Gender Affirmation MTF Gender Transition Gender Reassignment Plastic Surgery FAQs Surgery

What to Expect with MTF Top Surgery

Gender Affirmation Gender Transition Gender Reassignment

What is a Tracheal Shave?

The gender affirmation process is a beautiful journey for our patients that helps them unveil the person they’ve always been inside and share it with ...

Gender Affirmation Gender Transition Gender Reassignment

What are the Different Types of Gender Affirmation Proc...

Every transgender and nonbinary person’s journey toward gender affirmation is different– there’s no “one true way”. Depending on your view of your gen...

Gender Affirmation Plastic Surgery MTF FTM

What is Transgender Awareness Week?

Be the person you were meant to be! During the month of November, we are offering $100 off gender affirming top surgery consultations. Schedule your a...

Gender Affirmation

Cosmetic Surgery and Fall/Winter 2021 Makeup Trends

Do you love keeping up with the latest makeup trends? With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, new makeup trends are popping up eve...

Gender Affirmation

Frequently Asked Questions About Gender Affirmation

When you or someone you love is considering gender-affirming top surgery, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common FAQ...

Gender Affirmation Surgical FTM

Gender Affirmation 101 - Event Recap

Gender Affirmation Procedure Surgical Gender Transition Gender Reassignment

Understanding Gender Dysphoria and Gender Transitions