Breast Reduction

shutterstock_448281418.jpgBreast reduction patients are our happiest group of patients in our practice for breast surgery and breast augmentation. They have lived with the burden of heavy, dense breasts for most of their adult life. They have difficulty finding bras that fit comfortably and often suffer skin irritation. It is very gratifying working with this group of patients because the results are so rewarding. They immediately feel the weight lifted from their chest following breast surgery. The removal of the patient’s bandages is often followed by tears of joy as they look down at their new breasts, and for the first time, love this part of their body. They are now free to pursue physical activity, such as running and aerobics, and to shop for lingerie at “Victoria’s Secret”.

Infection: Relatively uncommon with a breast lift, infection may cause scars to be more noticeable.

After Surgery: Patients are generally able to return to work after a week or more. Scars will become gradually less prominent as time passes, often eventually fading to thin lines. Although patients may expect a dramatic difference in the appearance of their breasts, gravity will continue to affect their shape. The insertion of breast implants may help the results of surgery to last longer to achieve shapely breasts.


“I couldn’t even imagine going to a man for this advice” Jane said. “I don’t think any man could understand how tough mentally, physically, and emotionally this can be on a woman.”

After consulting with Dr. Fischer, one of the best plastic surgeons in Baltimore, Maryland, Jane decided to have a breast reduction. “I feel liberated, I am able to wear backless dresses for the first time and go jogging with my friends without fear of embarrassment, what a wonderful gift I have been given.”

Dr. Fischer, who works from her office in Timonium complete with its own operating room, twenty four hour recovery suite, and all-female staff, has a passion for plastic surgery. Dr. Fischer’s patients are not only grateful for the womanly attention they receive, but have often compared her relationship to that of a close friend. She takes patient care to the next level. Some patients also choose to have a body lift or lip augmentation.

“Feeling good about the way you look can give you greater confidence and self-esteem,” Dr. Fischer explains. “It is gratifying to see the change in people’s self-confidence and to get thank-you notes from patients saying how the surgery has changed their lives.”