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January Specials Slider - Dr. Beverly Fischer

Halo + BBL to Face – $1,295  

The finest facial rejuvenation treatment!   Learn more.

Halo + BBL | Dr. Beverly Fischer
Dysport | Dr. Beverly Fischer

15% OFF Dysport

Fight those frown lines with Dysport injectables!  Learn more.


Mommy Makeover – $1,000 OFF

Build your body with a combined Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck!  Learn more.

Mommy Makeover | Dr. Beverly Fischer
BioTE | Dr. Beverly Fischer

50% OFF First BioTE Pellet – New Patients

Join the movement! Experience the benefits of BioTE Hormone Therapy.  Learn more.


RejuVAnate – $495

It's time to take care of "down there!" Explore vaginal rejuvenation.  Learn more.

RejuVAnate | Dr. Beverly Fischer
Stratamed - Dr. Beverly Fischer

Stratamed – 10% OFF

This advanced scar cream will help ease wound healing.  Learn more.


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