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July 2019 Specials | Dr. Beverly Fischer


Laser Hair Removal

30% OFF

Tired of shaving? Remove unwanted hair this summer.  Learn more.

July 2019 Specials - Laser Hair Removal
July 2019 Specials - Juvederm



$50 OFF per syringe

Plump up those hollow areas with this popular dermal filler.  Learn more.


Combo Eye Lift

$750 OFF

Tighten sagging eyelids to awaken and refresh your face.  Learn more.

July 2019 Specials - Combo Blepharoplasty
July 2019 Specials - BioTE Omega 30

BioTE Omega 30

10% OFF

A supplement that provides your body with 30 essential fatty acids.  Learn more.




Restore vaginal laxity & lubrication with this laser treatment.  Learn more.

July 2019 Specials - RejuVAnate
July 2019 Specials - Sente ATP Reset Moisturizer


Senté Reset Moisturizer

10% OFF

Your everyday lightweight, hydrating formula. *while supplies last.  Learn more.

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