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Vaginal Rejuvenation: 3 Popular Procedures

Vaginal Rejuvenation Body Treatment Non Surgical RejuVAnate

Vaginal Rejuvenation | Dr. Beverly Fischer

As women go through changes in their lives, such as pregnancy, the hormonal changes caused by aging, and the natural aging process, the appearance of the vagina and labia can sometimes change.

While this is often just an aesthetic change, things like vaginal laxity and loss of vaginal lubrication can negatively impact the sex life, as well as lead to day-to-day mental or physical comfort.

While surgical treatment is an option, most women opt for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures, which can help treat aesthetic issues such as elongated labia, as well as vaginal laxity, dryness, and bladder issues. Here are three procedures that can have a significant impact on your vaginal health.

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The Sweet Spot Shot

The Sweet Spot Shot is used to treat conditions such as vaginal dryness, looseness, pain during intimacy and a decreased sex drive. It uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), to restore your feminine health – by only using the natural resources of your body.

First, a sample of blood will be collected, and run through a centrifuge and stimulated with platelets to create the PRP. Then, this purified PRP is extracted and injected back into the patient in strategic areas to stimulate cell regeneration and growth.

This helps address vaginal problems at a cellular level, regenerating healthy tissue. Best of all, it requires no down time. You can return to normal activities that day.

The RejuVAnate Laser

The RejuVAnate laser is a powerful yet gentle C02 laser, which is built specifically to stimulate collagen production and aid in the treatment of a variety of vaginal issues, including dryness, itching, pain during intercourse, vaginal appearance and aesthetics, and leaky bladder, among others.

In just three 10-minute sessions, many patients experience relief from all of these symptoms. Laser energy is pulsed into the inner and outer vaginal tissues. This leads to the stimulation and coagulation of collagen, which results in a more pleasing appearance and healthier vaginal tissue.

Treatment is affordable and fast, and delivered at our private facility. It’s non-invasive and pain-free and you can return to your normal day-to-day activities without any down time!


Labia Fillers

Labia fillers are the best treatment for aesthetic vaginal issues, such as long or “loose” labia. During the treatment, a single shot of high-quality Restylane filler is injected into each side of the labia.

This plumps the lips, and provides a more pleasing and attractive appearance. In turn, this can boost your self-confidence, and give you the drive you need to enjoy your intimate life with your significant other.

The process is pain-free and can be delivered under a local anesthetic, and it takes only a few minutes. Results typically appear the same day, but may take a few days to become apparent.

Get Help For Vaginal Issues At The Advanced Center For Plastic Surgery!

If you are suffering from any of the above vaginal issues, don’t wait – and don’t let your intimate life suffer because of them. At The Advanced Center For Plastic Surgery, we can help.

Not sure which vaginal rejuvenation service is right for you? Contact us for an appointment today. We would be happy to give you a comprehensive consultation, and discuss which of these three treatments may be right for your particular needs.

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