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50 Shades of RejuVAnate – Part 4

50 Shades of RejuVAnate – Part 4

By Beverly Fischer on May 16, 2019

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True Testimonial for vaginal rejuvenation.


So, lets further explore the perks of working for a cutting-edge plastic surgeon. As the nurse for the center who is heavily involved in the marketing and promotion for vaginal rejuvenation (of which I am a HUGE fan!), I am scheduled to make an appearance on the local radio station tomorrow morning to speak to the DJs about the RejuVAnate laser we have available. Who better to speak about it right? Not just anyone is 

willing to go on a public outlet and spill their humiliating and embarrassing background in order to notify John Q. Public that us gals don’t have to live that way anymore. All for the greater good! So, the plan has been set into motion.

This afternoon, the doctor asks me, “Would you like to get your Sweet Spot shot today so that you can speak about that procedure as well?”


Now, I am not sure if you know what I am talking about here. Allow me to explain. In addition to that lifechanging laser procedure that helped rid me of my dry, angry vagina and has provided me with a healthy, happy one, our doctor also offers a shot that is supposed to make your orgasms exponentially better.

I am not sure what woman (who enjoys sex as much as I do) would ever say no to the doctor’s offer!

Next thing I know, I am undressed and lying on a table with some numbing cream slathered onto my clitoris and just inside my vagina. Numbing cream is apparently necessary as the procedure is an injection into my clitoris. I am dreading what I am about to experience and my heart is literally pounding with the nerves. Add to this the fact that all the other ladies that work in my office want to see how this gets done.  (Side bar – this is not new for the office. We always watch procedures and try to put ourselves in our patient’s place to be able to speak to how any procedure feels and what to expect.) So, I have a gallery in the room to witness my Sweet Spot shot. Ugh…

Our doctor, Dr. Beverly Fischer, was trained by the man who invented the O-Shot®. His books make two claims: First, women who have never experienced a climax… will. Second, those who do achieve orgasm… will experience one like no other, and the treatment has the possibility to lead to female ejaculation. The procedure takes 20 minutes and lasts 6 months to a year.

After taking the last few months to make my vagina hospitable again, I decide I am ready for this next step!

My blood gets drawn. The blood gets spun down in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the protein rich plasma (PRP). PRP is the yellow stuff that spins out. This is what the doctor uses to inject back into me. So, there is no chance that I could be allergic to the procedure because it is made up of my own blood.

The doctor then adds some Calcium Chloride to the PRP and prepares for my injections.

So, as all of the women in my office watch and I have my face covered bracing for the worst pain I could ever imagine…

The doctor says, “How did that feel?”

I say, “Did you do anything yet?”

She says, “The first shot is done!” I had no idea. I hadn’t felt a thing. And then I realize what she just said…

“First shot?!”

“Oh yes. The second shot goes near the base of the urethra. You shouldn’t feel a thing.”

So, I brace myself again. This time, I watch the girls’ faces and I see their eyes are wide as they appear to be waiting for me to scream.

The doctor says, “Okay, you are all done.” Again, I felt nothing, and the girls in the room are looking at me as if they really cannot believe I hadn’t felt anything. Please allow me to assure you that I am the biggest baby in the office and cry at the drop of a hat. I bawl every time Valerie tells me I need to get filler in my lips, but honest to goodness, I didn’t feel a thing.

So, now I am alone in the office treatment room and immediately realize my cookie is plump. Really plump. The doctor assures me that this is normal and the swelling will dissipate.

I finish my day and head home to the husband. I am curious, but cautious because I just had a needle poked into my most sensitive lady parts. I was just getting used to having sex on a regular basis and really enjoying it. I wonder what this new development will bring. It takes a few hours for the numbing cream to wear off. It’s about 9 pm and I run my fingers across my clitoris to see if I can feel anything different.

clitoraspleasure (1)

It sent a vibration through me that went straight to my toes. I can feel I am still swollen, but all I can think is… it’s time to test this out for real. Again, God bless my husband and his constant willingness to take the scientific route to testing out our procedures. As usual, he was ready, willing and able!

I will spare you all the extreme details, but I have to tell you… I’m very sure there was an earthquake, and I thought for sure some windows should have shattered…

So, I am ready for my interview in the morning…


Stay tuned for Part 5 of my 50 Shades of RejuVAnate journey!

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