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50 Shades of RejuVAnate – Part 3

50 Shades of RejuVAnate – Part 3

By Beverly Fischer on May 16, 2019

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So, I no longer think it was my imagination. I have noticed some HUGE, exciting changes. I’m not sure how much further I can go with humiliating myself for the greater good here, but I am going to do my best because I think people need to start discussing the fact that we don’t have to live like this anymore!

So, here goes…

Even further full disclosure: When I had my hysterectomy, the doctor tried a procedure at the same time to help me with my cough-pee, sneeze-pee, laugh-pee, run-pee and jump-pee issue. Again, this is common after childbirth. (Seriously, I am wondering why any of us decide to procreate!) Nonetheless, I underwent surgery and had a Burch procedure where they tack up your bladder to alleviate the “dribbles.” Needless to say, mine was unsuccessful.


I have, over the past year, become a pretty avid workout gal. These workout sessions were known to me as Poise pad fillers. Every time I started to run, and God forbid jump rope, I peed myself. Fully and completely.

So, I had my first RejuVAnate treatment on August 4th. I was so focused at the time on how it may have changed my sex life for the better that I hadn’t really realized the full benefit. I realized after a workout… my pad is dry. Maybe it was a fluke. The next day… my pad is dry. Drink more. Try again. The next day… MY PAD IS DRY! The ultimate test – 100 count jump rope… not a drop! I am so elated! I feel like a new woman!

So, not only am I having no burning sensation on a regular basis from a pH imbalance in the vagina, but I am also self-lubricating as any good vagina worth its weight in gold should do, I have had a few incredible sex sessions, I am no longer using hormone creams and I don’t need to wear Poise pads!

The Holy Grail


This past holiday weekend, I noticed that I had started with an old, annoying problem; the one where you feel like you have to pee NOW! Urgency is the term for that. I wasn’t aware that the issue was becoming a problem again until I found myself running for a restroom. All of a sudden, it dawned on me… It’s time for my second treatment! I need it! I don’t want to have to deal with this problem anymore! I have had a taste of what it is like not having any “old lady” issues, and I want to live that life!


My husband was feeling frisky last night and we did the deed. Since I am HYPERSENSITIVE to the issue, I paid attention to how this time felt vs. the initial romps a week after my treatment. I definitely felt a bit of that old, burning sensation. I was more than a little upset, so I spoke with Dr. Fischer here at the practice. She assured me that all laser treatments aimed at collagen regeneration (whether for a facial treatment or vaginal rejuvenation) suffer a six-week decrease in forward momentum. But this decrease is temporary. Apparently, it takes the body six to twelve weeks to begin to pump up the plumpness in the cells as your own collagen begins to generate. In English… the doctor (and the company that makes the laser) recommends three treatments at the start, with six weeks between treatments. This way, your body has a chance to begin refueling the vagina with new, healthy cells.

The doctor has assured me to not lose faith and schedule the 2nd treatment. I’m looking forward to Monday!

DAY TWENTY-NINE (Continued) – Afternoon

One of the perks of working at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery in Timonium is I scheduled my procedure for IMMEDIATELY and just got the treatment! Same as last time… no pain. I just felt the vibration of the movement from the laser. So excited…


I could tell within 24 hours that I was fixed! The urgency and mad dashes to the restroom subsided. The burning feeling I had prior to the treatment ceased within hours. As of this morning, my vagina is perfection! I can’t wait to get her back in commission!

Make sure to stay tuned for Part 4 of my 50 Shades of RejuVAnate journey!

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